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Excellent A-list casting263 weeks ago
Exciting news has surrounded 24 season 7 for the last few months with its 2 hour prequel, and stories such as tony coming back and CTU being shut down, and now more great news is that Robert Carlyle and Jon Voight have been added to the season 7 cast. Jon Voight has been quoted by the producers as this years "uber-nemesis" for the season and what has already promised to be the best season yet now seems to have the best cast yet. We wanna hear your views on these new additions to 24.
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Blatherskite said...7/8/08
Robert better be playing an evil character, he's so much better at the evil parts :L although it would be interesting to see him play as an FBI agent alongside Bauer or something, he can play the whole angry man part extremely well in either case and it would be cool to see him perhaps as a guy with less control over himself than Bauer does and who Bauer maybe has to try and control..... that would be an interesting new dynamic for the show, to have Jack recognise his own flaws in someone else and have to try and prevent them from going too far as he sometimes does....... I'm just rambling here, I can't wait :L

Anyone know if Mike Doyle is supposed to be returning? I was starting to think he would make quite a good addition to the show at the end of 6 but then of course he went half blind in an explosion so it probably doesn't make much sense to bring him back :L Also are Chase and Kim not both supposed to be living in DC now? Would be cool to bring them back and have them meet up :D
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