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Ten Tors Weekend286 weeks ago
For those taking part on the ten tors weekend (8th-10th) Feb.
If you haven't got a letter and T1, get one on Tuesday. If you turn up with all your kit and no T1 you'll have to stay for cadets instead. The weekend will cost you �5, to cover food and accommodation.

We will depart from the unit at 1900, arriving at Okehampton that evening. I've been advised pick up from the gate will be about 3pm on sunday, bring a phone in case this changes and you need to inform parents.

You will not be allowed on the moor without the right kit, if you're missing anything, see stores on tuesday and get what you need. All meals will be provided by Area, this includes exped rations, however, it does not include your emergency rations.

Bear in mind this an area course, you're representing the unit and the district [i don't think anyone else from Somerset and Dorset is coming], please behave accordingly. There will be four staff members from the unit present, along with training staff so don't think you can just mess around :p

1900 - Leave TS Mantle VC
2100 - Briefing and Kit inspections
2300 - Lights out

0700 Breakfast
0745 Depart Camp
0845 Arrive at RV1 (GR707557)
0900 Route
1200 Lunch at RV2 (GR708604)
1600 End route, return to camp
1800 Dinner
1900 Instruction [Before you ask, I don't know what this will be]
2100 Free Time
2300 Lights out

0700 Breakfast
0800 Instruction
1030 Clean accommodation
1130 Debrief
1200 Depart Oakhampton

Kit List
Sleeping Bag
Wash Kit, towel
KFS, Mug
Emergency Rations (Must contain hot meal and drink)
Rucksack (obviously!)
Personal First Aid kit (You'll be issued with team ones too, so don't worry about this. Just take anything you may need for blisters etc)
Water bottles *minimum 2 litres*
Steritabs (Not on the list, but if you run out of water, you'll need them. Make sure you know how to use them)
Spare jumper in a waterproof bag (Take a shirt and trousers too if you have space, you;ll have to on the real event)
Notebook and pencil/pen
Gloves/hat - hat must cover ears
Survival bag, keep it behind the one you use to waterproof your bag for easy access.
Stove/Fuel - You'll be issued with these.
Mess Tins (you may not need these, so don't panic if you don't have any)
Gash bag
Sleeping mat
Tent - This will be issued to you at the unit
All of the above must be carried while walking. Make sure you know where everything is so you can produce it on inspection.

Clothing for walking:
2 pairs of trousers (not jeans. Trackies are debatable.)
Two shirts
Two t shirts
Two jumpers
Two pairs of walking socks
Two pairs of socks for in camp
Walking boots (Don't wear your cadet boots unless you really have nothing else.)
Trainers for in camp

Phew. I'm shattered after typing all that!
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