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r.i.p tom348 weeks ago
tom we all miss u sooo much and we will neva forget u m8 u r always in r hearts and minds it not the sme with out u and u was a true firend and a true leeds utd fan r.i.p tom

plz write a comment for tom
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Chloee said...11/16/06
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Briony Mcsween said...11/19/06
r.i.p tom babii u will alwayz be missed an jay is write u are one of the most true friends anyone cud av a a true LEEDS fan babii miss yhoo R.i.P
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Faye said...11/28/06
RIP tom u were a star! n a top geeza lol miss ya ldz m8 luv sarah and faye. xxxx
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»-(¯`v´¯)-»ѕнє ℓσνєѕ нιм Ƒσяєνєя»-(¯`v´¯)-» said...12/7/06
R.I.P tom bbey miss ya bare love u 222 mch :( :( xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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Its - said...12/9/06
aww thats really sad r.i.p luv u evn tho i dnt no ya but i alwayz hav feelins
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Danny Cartwright said...12/12/06
r.i.p tom m8 ur truly missed m8 u,ll neva be for gotton ur always in our heart miss ya lds m8 : (
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Steph Evans said...12/14/06
r.i.p rest in peace tom u will be missed by every 1 and u will neva be forgotton u were loved by every 1 and cnt wait 2 get up 2 heaven and c u agen lv u lots xoxoxoxox
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Keeley Westwell said...12/20/06
didnt really no u, but my family knew urs. u meant alot to a very lot of people. RIP sweetie xx
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Sarah Lou X said...12/29/06
</3...r.i.p gawjuzz...</3
i hope u r ok wer yhoo r:( i iwl neva 4get u babe
its almost been a yr now but it stil aint da sme cos i meba wen kay was tellin me all bwt yhoo n de iseen u 4 ma self n new hu u wer lol den we became mates mis yho ldz matey luff yhoo babiee r.i.p xx xx xx xx:( :( :( :(
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-Lois said...1/3/07
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Hanaa said...1/3/07
R.I.P baby boy i miss you sooo much cnt believe u wer took from us!! life isnt the same without you init!! i will never 4get you and i am always thinking ov u!!! love you soo much and i hope ur ok up there cya soon xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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Kirstyy Selbyy said...1/4/07

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Xxxrachaelxx Streetxx said...1/8/07
RIP bbz i miss u so much we had som laughs but at the end of the day i no ppl miss u so much n its guna always b so hard but u still liv on in our hearts n as they say the gud die young so i will c ya som day swn lv ya n miss ya lds xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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LariaVergottini said...1/15/07
R.I.P mate!! i do not know you at all but you seem like such a nice person!! i do not know what happend to you but i hope yu hve a great time where you are!!...
lov ya loads...
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Jen X said...1/25/07
i miss your little cuddles :( :(
R.I.P babe love you lots xxxxxxxx
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Rachael said...1/31/07
i didnt know tom but ive just viewd his video and read all messages i will pay my respects for a truly loved person, and any others out there all in our hearts even though you dont know them, be safe to all, Rest In Peace Tom xxxxxxxxxxxxx
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Sophie'C said...2/1/07
[*я●ι●ρ*] Tom Yhooo Lil Angel...Missin Yhooo x-x-x-x
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Niall Hill said...2/24/07
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X~ so kiss me Now~x said...2/27/07
r.i.p tomo miss u load's u do not now me but u did now my sis jade robert's miss u soooooo sad
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Jessie said...2/27/07

Big Bro Yuu Dnt Even Know How Much ii Miss Yuu
While ii Sit Here Cryin
ii Think Ov The Memories
Dont Worry Baby I Wont Be Long
Sleep Tight My Angel
:( :(
Don't Worry i'll Tell Mummy & Daddy
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