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Tips on how to make a skin.342 weeks ago
Hi Beboers.

I have been receiving tons of requests for help with skins. Unfortunately I can't make a skin for all of you. However, I believe in the old saying "give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day... teach a man to fish and he'll eat for life". That said, I'd like to help you all get started making skins.

First, you will need some software. If you can, get your hands on Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop is hands-down the best software for any kind of graphic design. If you really can't afford it or find someone cool to give it to you then go ahead and check out GIMP - the free alternative to Photoshop. You will need to install the software on your computer so make sure you have permission to do so. You can also use the free Paint program that comes with windows to get started, but I would recommend trying out GIMP if that is all you have.

Got your software installed? Great!

Now, go steal photos from the web. Just kidding. Don't steal anything. You can find photos that are free for non-commercial use all over the place. A great place I like to start is on

Make sure to click the checkbox labeled "Only search within Creative Commons-licensed photos". This will bring back thousands of photos that kind photographers are nice enough to let us use for free. Make sure to download a big enough version of the photo you want.

Next bring the image into Photoshop (or gimp) and resize it to the skin dimensions listed in the skin specification. Now, do something creative. I really can't go into extensive detail on how to use photoshop in this blog nor how to be creative, so search the web for "photoshop how to" and start reading.

When you are done making your image, the best way to cut up you image into the chunks you need for a skin is to use the slice tool. Try it out. For more info, do a google search for photoshop slices. Once you have your slices defined, you can go to File -> Save for web.

Now this is the important part. You need to make sure the file sizes are small enough to meet bebo's requirements. When you are in the save for web settings page, you can click on each slice of the photo and adjust the output settings individually. Normally, I choose JPG as the file type and drag the Quality setting down from 100% until I see the KB (bottom of screen) go down to just below the bebo maximum. This will give you the highest image quality possible.

Remember, when making your design, the less visually complex the design is the better compression you will get. This means that images which are less complex (simple shapes, less colors) will appear much cleaner than for instance busy color photos.

I hope this helps you all. Please keep leaving comments (here on the blog). Let me know what software you are using and exactly how far you got before you got stuck and I will try to help out the best I can.

 posted by EckoReko 


Mark Nolan said...1/5/07
im so cunfuseled!
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Tameem said...1/14/07
im sorri but u i cant find any of the softwares

ps sorri
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Graham. said...1/22/07
hi ive gt gimp bt dno how 2 use it plz can u help me i will add ya on msn n plz will ya tel me how on there
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trapstar kid1bigC'zy S. said...1/29/07
hey can i get a your sn 4 aim plz.i do alot od graffiti
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Lee said...3/3/07
evey time i put in this url comes up with a blank page and no matter what i do i cant find Make sure to click the checkbox labeled "Only search within Creative Commons-licensed photos"
do you fink you could send me a picture of graffiti please
holla back sometime
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Chrisy Davies said...3/31/07
can ya get a free trial of photoshop?? wb
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