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~my bebo family~330 weeks ago
My mum~
My dad~
My lil sis~
My big sis~
My big bro~
My lil bro~
My stunner~ NiKkI
Hottie 1~
Hottie 2~
Hottie 3~
My evil twin~SaLoNi
My Auntie~
My Uncle~
Cousin 1~
Cousin 2~
My Grandma~
My Grandpa~
My son~
My Daughter~
My Husband~
My Enemy~
The Devil~
My best guy mate~
My best girl mate~
My Hyper best frend~ ClEmMiE
My best random frend~ RaChEl ChIn
My best frend~ SeReNa
My millionaire~
My Rocker~
My pop star~ AiMeE
My Angel~
My singing frend~HeLeNa
My ice cream luver~ TiN yAn
My drama queen~WiNg ShAn
send a comment if u wanna be any of them :) :D

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Icee Cream Lovee - said...3/28/07
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Rachel C said...3/29/07
can I be you Best Roandom Friend, PLz and Thx
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Aimee said...3/30/07
Can i be 'My pop star?'
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♥totally in love♥ ░░▒▓█ ♫Nikki ♫ ░░▒▓█ said...3/31/07
i wanna be ur stunner..my names nicole btw
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Clem.Xoxo said...4/15/07
~hYpEr FrIeNd~ or ~RaNdOm FrIeNd~
lol .x.
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♪♥♥LoNLiiNeSS. x♥♥♪ said...5/12/07
wingshan should be the drama queen

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