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update 348 weeks ago
i have officially found my edge in writing poetry. i have written many poems. they are mostly about love or really depressing. but thats the mood i am in. i think i am going somewhere for christmas:D . i read a really enticing and intense story. it was about harry potter and draco malfoy. it made me sad but it also made me shiver. but i am still sad because my mom isn't home:( . jess and i have this theory about the guy i like, he (like me) doesn't/can't talk to the person he likes(in that way). i have decided that logan is an official seat stealer>:( . jess also has a way with words to guilt trip me. i might get to see my kind half but not cousin and my other cousin at christmas:) . I got straight A's in my report card:) . i have really nothing to say because my life is pretty monotonous. exept th fact that i am going to get really good at hackysacking and then show of my skillz that killz at school and impress the guy i like:D . poor jess she has no one to like:( . i also hope my kinda half cousin but not really(dillon) feels better because his parents split:( . i had the samething happen to me when i was like 8. it sucks:( anyways, i am making a website in ICT class. it is going to be awesome:P ;) .

well ttyl
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Jessie H. said...11/27/06
Devan, not liking someone is a good thing! I am single and I get to mingle!
(oh god that sounds bad coming out of my mouth!)
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