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My Bebo Family350 weeks ago
My boy friend -
My mummy -
My worst enemy-Declan Hickey
my big sis-
My daddy -
My big brother -
My little sister-
My uncle -
My aunt -
My cousin - Kelly
My daughter -
My son -
My brother-in-law -
My sister-in-law -
My best friend - Siobhan
My other best friend - Denise
My bit on the side -
My niece -
My nephew -
My bodygaurd -
My sugar plum -
My personal shopper -
My fairy god mother -
My slave -
My shoppoholic friend -
My sexy biatch -
My sxc biatch2 -
My wee tootsie -
My lil cutie pie-xxJenniferxx
My lovely gurlie -
My god mother -
My god father -
My siamese twin -
My valentine -
My chatterbox -
My sxc admirer -
My messer upper -
My cleaner - Simon

If u wanna be part of my bebo family just leave a comment kk.
 posted by Maggii 


- said...12/16/06
hi i wanna b ur cousin bbe...x
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- said...4/5/07
ur enemy shud be declan doee haahhaaaaa
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X-Jenny-X said...4/5/07
Can I Be Yuur lil cutie pie
Can Yuu Do Miine Please
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[[.x.**Thiiss Ciinderella...Wants Her Priince**.x.]] said...4/5/07
Maggz put Shivvz Mums Man as ur toilet cleaner
x x plz x x
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