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DJ Tu-who?253 weeks ago
Epik High has recently released their new album called "Pieces, Part One" and their hit song "One" is currently rising on the charts. The MV for "One" is unique from other Epik High MVs because DJ Tukutz gets a lot of face time on it.

Today, Epik High went on the show "Radio Star" where they were asked their opinions on a number of interesting topics. However, the set of questions I found most interesting were the set aimed towards DJ Tukutz. DJ Kim Goo Rah asked DJ Tukutz whether he was jealous of Tablo and his popularity. He also asked Tukutz why he too wasn't on CFs for cell phone commercials or doing other business unrelated to Epik High. DJ Kim Goo Rah topped it off with "Maybe with all your spare time you should wash cars and change oil". In the end everyone laughed and Tukutz answered with "I can't answer that."

It has long been a debate whether Epik High would be anything without the "brains behind the operation," Tablo. So what do you think? Is Tablo the main reason why Epik High is as successful as it is, or do the other members contribute more than they are given credit for?
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Kylie. said...9/16/08
Epik High wouldn't be the same without Mithra or DJ Tukutz.

But I guess we all seem to like Tablo the most because of his personality.
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- CJ said...9/18/08
it wouldn't be EPIK HIGH without all of them~!
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Delete said...9/18/08
they all create epik high as "one"
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