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DaI!355 weeks ago
THiS GuY Is A FriGeN LeDgEnD JoIn ThE GrOuP oR WaTeVa ThE FuK iT IS!
 posted by DaI HenWooD 


JC-Sativa said...2/20/07
im joinin
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Kayla said...4/12/07
i joined too..dai is awesome.fucken crackup
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Kool Ciid said...5/6/07
im jonin lol
Far bro he b crak up as lol
an he is da man lol

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Gemzi said...6/20/07
thiz guy................mah legond! id mary him if i cud!
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Kasi said...7/28/07
hahahah ok
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Psst . said...8/4/07
0ohkae h3z s0o h0t!!
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Coedie said...8/9/07
hez really funy lol


-forever loving jah-
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Jarek said...10/15/07
Hey, can you take me down to funkytown? Where is that? Down by electronica boulevard
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