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Choice cuts from the D.I.K.S (Dave, Ian, Kev, Southy) :) AKA The Glendalough Comments Part 1220 weeks ago

Maybe so but i can tell my left from my right and i know the difference between a ladies and gents toilet! How do you like them apples?! YEAAAAAAH! You're usua! Terrapins for life! - Slayer

Lickers in a half shell - TURTLE POWER! - Kev

Tiny Terrapins that used to be in Kinder Surprise eggs? They were awesome! - Slayer

Yeah lad has action figures in a tasty chocolate egg and he's still got a chip on his shoulder!
- Kev

Poor Kev Rocks getting legal action upon him. Bet you feel like Glamrock shit now don't you
- Dave

The legal action, you'll be taking that when i dislocate your ugly cod like jaw you little baldy conscience prick! - Ian

Please don't sue me! - Southy

As for you Southy why don't you tie a big rope to that old oak tree. Your wrestling career sucks. To see you wrestle just makes my stomach turn. Even you know that your wrestling career sucks. Sooner or later you'll have to throw in that towel. Kev, your a Glamrock Shithead who has no job and who has no prospects. - Dave

Haha Throw in the towel while I'm tag team champion of Britain?
What are you exactly? Tag team champion of bingo with yer drunk monkey aul one?! - Southy

YOUR THE TAG TEAM CHAMPION OF ASSHOLES SOUTHY.... who is your tag team partner? Is he invisible by any chance? And who decided to make you champion Southy? Did you write a letter to Santa begging him to buy you a tag belt for Christmas. Were you a good little girl all year round. Did you make Mummy and Alco Daddy happy? - Dave

The fact you've made it this far in life, albeit with you virginity well intact, is nothing short of miraculous - Southy

Yeah and your a shitstick Southy you has a prostitiute for a mother and a alco for a Father and who's the one who get the crap beaten out of him for a living. So I'm afraid your the Big loser Southy. I know know you mother is a bitch cause I slept with her the other night.
And if you disrespect me in Fibbers again like you did two years ago I'll have no problem to get legal action upon you. I'll sue you for very penny you got.
And by the way Is Jordan Devlin your GAY TAG TEAM PARTNER. Hugs and kisses all round for your gay Tag Team Partner - Dave

Hahaha I fucked your grandmothers corpse on your beloved fibbers dancefloor you lecherous wankpot! Then I went home & jizzed all over yer mothers crusty knickers that the whore sent me in the post. - Southy

Fuck me this is good shit - Gerry Soul


Kev, you and your mates are the biggest wasters of all time. In 20 years time you'll be like Randy the Ram Robinson. You'll be shadows of your former selfs and you'll be stuck in dead end deli jobs and you'll be staring at the ceiling for the new up and comers.
As for myself Kev I have plans and ambitions. In 20 years times I 'll be have my own Horror Movie shop empire. I'll be a millionaire living in a big mansion and you Kev will be begging on the must be taking way too many bumps to the head. In other words you must be completely brain damaged. - Dave

Washed up wrestler working a deli job, where have I heard that before?! - Southy

I'm sure i have no idea what you're talking about Dean Southy! ;) - Slayer

Poor Southy. Will it destroy your reputation as a wrestler if LEGAL Action was set upon you. 20 years time you'll be like Kev and your other mate Ian the blonde haired child, shadows of your former selfs and begging on the streets - Dave

Right, brief hint for ya here, that shrivelled unused thing between your legs is for more than wetting down your bed when you have nightmares about the scary bad men you seen in your little horror films.
Ask you daddy to explain what it does when you're old enough ;) - Southy

Shadows of our former selves! Man pass the crack pipe i'm dyin to see the world as you do
- Kev

You will be a shadow of you former self and what a BIG Loser you'll probably be as well. I wonder if you'll be putting that noose around your head Kev. Your life will not be so worth living then HAHAHAHA YOU SHITSTICK - Dave

Who's gay and when did this happen:O :O :O :O - Mosh

Do you know how ANYTHING works?! - Southy

Southy, I'm well aware of how everything works....You don't know anything cause you were brought up very badly indeEd. With your ma as a sluth and your da as a drunk, life must have been REALLY DEPRESSING for you Southy. Must be the real reason why your a Shitstick today. - Dave

ROFLMAO stands for rolling on the floor laughing my ass off, but i don't have to tell you that Dave coz you know how everything works! - Peter


Don't they say the best promos are the ones that come from the depths of your Heart - Niall

Or the depths of your swollen virgin balls! eh Dave? - Southy

Is it not time for bed, dave!!! - Ged

Ged surely your not tucking Dave in - Niall

The fuck does that mean? You miss his cold toes rubbin up against your scrawny little bollocks?! - Southy

Oooh Southy, what's this I hear that your Dad walked out on you as a child. You were neglected by your Dad and brought up by you sluthy mother. You must have been an ugly child Southy. He just saw one look at you and he ran away. And that describes why your such a SHITSTICK today SEAN SOUTH HAHAHA - Dave

THERE IS NO "H" IN SLUT!! - Slayer

Brain cells for life - Mosh

Shit, I missed one of his comments about my dad walking out, well that was a low blow, let me just say. . . . . .LEAST HE'S STILL ALIVE!!!!!!!! What did ya do Davey boy? Drive the poor cunt to jump in front of a bus? Did ya? Did ya? Do ya miss him dave? do ya cry at night dave? Is that why you're bald dave? cause you never learned to shave right & just dip your head in immac! - Southy

Kev, make sure you don't break a leg or an arm when your trying to break my legs cause your a scrawny little fucker. You could easily break something very badly. Looks like I hit a nerve with yourself. Seems to me you were raging. I would have loved to see a picture of you flying off the handle - Dave

Ahahahahaha yeah you really got to me you ugly virgin - Southy

Also to prove a point here - Hey Dean, ya got no da hahaha sucks to be you! - Kev

Hey Kev. . my feelings man! - Southy

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The Legendary Grave Digger Fromhell said...5/4/09
this is boring now noel and ur blog about crap any thing new there we should should run ah blog on how u put dave in an armbar and how hard u are or ahh blog on ur foot on how u broke it now there two better things to talk about yeah :) :) :) :) :) oh my god are u the real ram the wrestler ::O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O
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Kev said...5/5/09
Dude! Ya do realise that your own comments weren't funny right???
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