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Clare's Poem 4 me!!!!! Luv it!!!!!!!!!!!! 286 weeks ago
I?m writing this poem to first of all say
That your creative work really made my day.
You wanted appreciation and what follows is it
I hope that you don?t think that my effort is shit!

Like me, Anna is known to play the skiver
She?s probably with me in superdrug- its 2 for a fiver!
Uni-skiving craic is well established as class
Which is good: it won?t seem so bad when we don?t fucking pass!

Watching loose women is something we certainly love
At the stake of social psychology, which indeed gets the shove.
Tom Phillips can wait; he?s a bore and a fake
And during his lectures we cannot stay awake.

Cheating on MCT?s we have mastered well
Oh indeed Andrew and Neill will never tell
Our grades are certain to always be the same
?We revised together? will be our claim!

She?ll sometimes miss flights; in fact it?s her hobby.
Just like mine oh so sadly is Robbie.
As well as Cheesy pop; another obsession
Which by the by Anna likes- now THERES a confession!

?Is she sexual? - hell yeah? is the favourite line
When we dance to these songs, it?s been said we look fine
Britney and N?Sync: we like more than a tad
But what we love all the most is that good girl gone bad.

Greatly loved are drunken nights at 32.
Particularly the night of the sky light-which I nearly went through.
Doing Anna?s washing at 3.30 of course comes as standard
Closely followed by encounters with Billy- oh he was slandered!

Holy Fuck! She declares, I Haven?t done my ironing!
You?ve done non all fucking year Anna, stop with this whining!
On that very same night we established ?I spat tuna?
?I don?t know why, but that?s better? I frantically told her.

Let?s go to Nandos, Anna jokes light heartedly,
But too late, Clare is sitting there beaming with glee.
A chicken burger, a veggie, spicy rice and a bottomless coke
Keep that meat away from my friend or there?s a chance that she?ll boke!

Sainsbury?s stir-fry and their basic?s garlic bread,
Between us we make sure the other is fed.
Lately Muller?s crunch corners we do like to eat
At 6 for �4, oh they go down a treat!

We have watched some bad films; at the very least we were shocked
The tooth fairy and dominion were particularly mocked.
And just a quick warning for all people out there
She fucking hates Aladdin: by his fat nose, his head will she tear!

Shall we watch the Jordan work out Anna asked Clare
I answer; I don?t think it?s meant to be viewed from a chair.
Working out? Just wait till? that pole in its glory arrives
At this point what?s risked is potentially- lives!

It?s 3.30 am, a ridiculous time
But for you Miss Anna Murray, I?m set on this rhyme
I hope your enjoying it, we are no where near done
Writing this poem is so fucking fun

It certainly must be said that we make ourselves laugh
Like that infamous time that we hid in the bath
It mattered not at all that the joke in fact failed
As we sat in the bathroom and hysterically wailed!

At 8 Westbourne next year the craic will be fierce
Even if Emi insists on drinking those beers!
And that pole we all so longingly await?
Has Clare?s drunken injuries assigned to its fate.

A house we will have, with stairs, fucking stairs!
And just a quick note on a hot current resident there:
Anna cannot help but to stop and stare
She?ll keep his post hostage- But he looks so damn good, so it?s only fair!

I mention our friend who indeed is just class
And for rhyming purposes I hope she smokes grass?
Emily Wilson steals all that she can
Menus, bar mats: any more and she?ll need a removal van!

And for all those times I get a bit highly strung
?Clare fuck up? are the words that role off your tongue
Thank god you?re here to keep me real
Instead, joining me in face masks that OH MY GOD- peel!

I know we aren?t Ireland but we will try our damn best
Just don?t put my drinking skills to the test.
Instead I?ll entertain with my light-weighted banter
Very little alcohol needed- just throw me a fanta!

So that is Miss Anna Murray, a mighty fine lass
I?d swear it in court she is so fucking class!
Generally brilliant in all she says and she does
With her as a friend, I can claim: don?t mess with us.

All that is left to be said is I love u Miss Murray
As u can see by this poem which I made in no hurry.
May all craic continue throughout our degree.
And even after that when from speech therapy we?re free!

In fact I declare: You make the boring world of speech therapy fun
Something that deserves a massive well done!
Thanks for everything, you are defiantly the best
Bear my flattery in mind in MCT 4 when I need an answer(s) to the test.

hahah!!! fuckkin classs!!!! luv it clare, cheers!!!!!!!! x x x
 posted by Anna Murray 

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