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"Me llamo es, que?"

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The Salamanca Experience 227 weeks ago
Do you have ANY idea where you are?
Youre in Salamanca.

Deirdre, remember that time...


Its another type of sauso

This ones a lot more raunchier *puts in pocket*


Talking Tummies

Gasp in lift.
Gasp in morning.
Gasp with nail varnish.

Laughing in bed, on tobler.

Rendom... Random?

Phone flying at the computers

.... nothing...

These two weeks are going to be an endless stream, but it will end.

Old men sitting, kicking, dancing.

Kiddie persuing

Do you want an orange?
No, no, i cant!
Oh, but look how nice it is

Youre so scarey!

Bottle a bottle

Dyou think theyre gay..?

Hes such a cool person.. in relation to people

I hear music... Oh wait, its a heater.

We CAN go this way ... Okay fine! ... I am NOT stubborn.

He could sit on my park bench.
Id put him in my paco.

He was so beautiful, life had so much and so little meaning all at the same time. he was HOOTT!

Its the inbane of my existance.

Theyre so herny

If i was a lion, id tap that.

It could be worse.

What do you call someone who gives a lot of orders?
.. A bitch.

I fell asleep on the toilet once.
What?! You never told me that man!

Would you judge me if i put more make up on over my current face?

Its not dead yet

Feeling up the meat... Twice.

No quiero ducha ahora

Face rubbing

And then it was like "Wha?"

Its hard and squishy, tastes like theres something inside.

Old lady time

I am just so fricken hot right now.
I am so fri got shiv now.

No no no, no, dont go for the lips, old man

Im gonna go bake myself now.

Shl�n leat

Can you see my bum like this?

My father has a real watch


Claudagh and Clodia

Joe and May

Its going to be a right angle dude.

Bed jolts

Gotta close it off first

Attention please. Please pay attention to...

"Fuck you Ailbhe!"

Thats just being bee... i mean, dee

Its gonna be chick MANIA!

Im such a sexy lady tonight
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