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"18/03/2009....wen my lil girl will u tomo x 4 keeps x"

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do this and be honest plz xxx291 weeks ago
Copy & Paste then...Put "yes" "already have" or "no" (i)

Kiss me..
Hug me..
Date me..
Kill me..
Love me..
Hate me..
Hold me..
Lie to me..
Hurt me..
Sing with me..
Dance with me..
Cuddle with me..
Make a move on me..
Watch a movie with me..
Get me a B-day gift..
Caress me..
Let me borrow your car..
Be there for me..
Buy me a drink..
Give me a massage..
Take me to the club..
Go to sleep with me..
Take advantage of me..
Hangout with me...
Take care of me if I wasnt feeling good..
Hold hands with me..
Do something incredibly sweet for me.
Tell me you love me..
Call me..
Anything else...
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Lil Jordan-Leigh said...12/29/07
Kiss me..nope
Hug me..maybe
Date wud be lesbian imbreadin!!!!
Kill me..altho sumtyms i want 2..nope
Hate me..sumtyms
Hold me..nope
Lie to me..yes
Hurt me..maybe
Sing with me..yeah
Dance with me..yeah
Cuddle with me..nope
Make a move on me..NO WAY!!!
Watch a movie with me..yes
Get me a B-day gift..maybe
Let me borrow your car..maybe if a hd 1
Be there for me..probz
Buy me a
Give me a massage..ewww noway
Take me to the club..nope
Go to sleep with me..eerrm no!!!
Take advantage of me..errr no
Hangout with me...sumtyms
Take care of me if I wasnt feeling!! haha oj
Hold hands with me..nope
Do something incredibly sweet for me.nope
Tell me you love!!!!
Call me..yeah
Anything else...NOPE!!!
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