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ross c here beatch348 weeks ago
best trainer?...would have to be amm stevy clarke lol

2.worst trainer?...amm would say jasy havent seen him in ages

3.most skillfull?...i have to give it to luke or deaniho

4.worst dress sence?...would have to be luke and andy Liverpool tops are sooo 4 and a half years ago lol:P

5.worst taste in music?...awwww luke by miles ya nigger lool

6.hardman?...i want to be it but havent got sennt off for hittin anybody yet lol

7.biggest spice?...ammmm i like spicin it up but there worse than mysel dougie klolahaha

8.fastest player?...not sure but its th same for longest in th shower as theres more to wash lol cough ...NIgel

9.slowest player?...andy mc niel eat ur hearty italian bread out lol

10.biggest joker?...not sure il let th rest do this lol aahha Knock knok.. hus there?? big issh ...big issh hu?? na im alryt thanks lol

11.longest in d shower?... answered above lol
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