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IM ALIVE370 weeks ago
OKay, well i dont write in my blog very often but my whole APPENDICITIS BULSHIT is finished, so im very happy :D

Im still wih Channon, we've had a rough few weeks but the exams are nearly done now and we've got the whole of the summer 2 look forward 2 :)
Love you Chan xxXXxxXXxx

Anyways, speaking of the summer if any1 fancies a BBQ or a water fight (white tops only.....channon;) lmao)then come 2 my house:D , and Rich, Chau, Ady and Co. if u fancy a bike ride then get in touch plz. (once i get my puncture sorted.....oops :S)

Oh yeah, speakin of Ady, the poor bugger fainted on parade 2nite, (hope ure okay m8 ;) ).

Hmm, oh yeah after my appendix rubbish i manage 2 start playin (if u can call it that lmao) for rhyl under sixteens rugby.

And I cant wait for the rugby to come round in Cadets again chris:...(HUGH) lmao...........and sorry for nickin ure shirt tigz ;L ..bet u were wonderin why u smelled of lynx unlimited lmfao........anyway, how come u have a 95 shirt? :S

K well keep in touch, get well soon ady m8, good luck for the rest of the exams guys and ENJOY THE SUMMER :D :D

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