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cold finger syndrome......331 weeks ago
symtoms: cold hands, no ability 2 move ur little finger on absolutly freezing days u cant move any finger!

wat it dose'nt let u do: it dose'nt let u straighten ur finger and it dose'nt let u put ur fingers close together

possible side affects: pain, wen sum1 pushs down ur finger really hard, ur not able 2 stand up on ur board so easily coz u cant get a grip!

wer u can get it: in cold water, de artic

cures: der is no cure except watever u do dont take ur hand out of da water and de put it in hot water....da pain is unbelieveable!

wat it feels lik: its like trying to push 2 magnets together! (wen its oppisite sides!)

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Sarah FitzGerald said...4/3/07
it happened ystrday!!! i was a wittness!!:L xx
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Kelly-Ox said...4/3/07
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Karen Fitzgerald said...4/6/07
Laura, i'm not sure that we brought home the right baby from the hospital all those years ago... Are you REALLY my sister? I'm having doubts...
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Laura Fitzgerald said...5/4/07
i had dat a few days a go and i didnt cum only in my little finger but in all 5 of my fingers! hw funny!
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Laura Fitzgerald said...5/20/07
summers cummin lads!

i went in2 de water yesterday tinking de water wld be freezing! i wld hav cold finger syndrome for sure! couple of minutes and de water was lik a jacuzzie! no cold finger syndrome for me!

(der may b a little exagerating going on!)
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