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"i hate when stef wakes me up at 6am in the morning so she can prank ppl..."

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bebo family..ya all know how it works317 weeks ago
My husband- Johnny obv!! yes were still married!
My sexy man
My mummy - TONGEY!!!! i love u mommy
My boyfriend -
My pain in the ass -MEG! :D !
My big brother - will!! xx
My little brother-
My SEXUAL! big sister -
My little sister- niamh xxxx
My aunty -
My transexual-asti...she loves it
My cousin -
My grandad -
My nana -
My daughter-meg! i act like her mother al the time luv u! xx
My doctor- carrie!! doc car car xxx
My lil chick-
My best bi@ch-JESSICA! luv u! xxx
My other best biTch -MEG! i luv u xxx
My bitch on the side -lou i luv u 2!xxx
My gay best friend - KEVIN!! hahaha! its so tru
My niece -
My sexy friend-no 1 else but CAR CAR!! XXXX
My nephew -
My guardian -will!!! haha xx
My sick buddy -
My personal shopper -
My fairy god mother - anna! xx
My slave - niamh..there ya go niamh something nice for ya :D
My shoppoholic friend -
My sexy biatch -durvy OFCORSE! haha!!! grr baby! haha jk xxx
My gardener-steph...xxxx
My hunny bunch-
My lil cutie pie-
My lovely gurlie -
My god mother -
My god father -
My siamese twin -
My valentine -durvy!!! luv u xxxx
My sexy chatterbox-claire!!
My playboy bunni- Jessica..still obsesed with it
My hot admirer -
My messer up - mark is actually askd to b this
My weido!-
My doctor phil - jimbo..x
My parish priest- asti..very holy indeed! xxx
My hair stylisted!- DAPHNEY! xxx
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Bonkers. said...8/9/07
ill b ur lil sister xxxxxxxxxxx
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Stefi Wefi said...10/4/07
Can I be your gardener??
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.Becki Hunt. said...10/7/07
no hahah
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