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Dale Pike said...2/28/07
i rememba wen there was me u rachel were by the bk of the shot. we had a condom and blew it up, rachel had poped it and the spermacide cream went all over her.

i also rememba wen we were in maths and u were steasin rachel bout her talking to her food sayin" hello reachel, im mr ham how are u today"

i loved it wen u lit a bag of onion rings on fire at the bus stop by the cem and we ran away

the best one was wen me, u and ur sister went up the 2nd res and ur sister AMY HOLLARD FELL IN THE RES trying to pick sumin up with a stick. they were her new trainers and she was CRYING LYK A BABY. but she told her mother she fell in a puddle ! ! ! !
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-Amyy said...2/28/07
oioi dale dun jib ryt it wz bout 3 yrs ago tha wz lmfao
buh it wz ghurd wun it cz we wz chukin stuff at tammy nd fen i fell lk :O

TammySeys : they try 2 make me go 2 rehab bt i sed no no no :L

Nd wen i booted yew into the fkin door nd it fell off lmfao :D funi as fwk

nd wen i booted teh soket off the wall nd blamed it on yhoo nd yew wzn even there :P
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Leah O'Connor said...6/6/07
i remember when we used 2 be in physics together winding bad breath brooksy up and he threw a prit stick at me lol!and when we go out and get steaming ha ha
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