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Wata u got in ur skool bag??283 weeks ago
St Johns - Dax Wax, a comb, GHD, and a couplee dollars to pay the bros back for hukn it up at lunchtym da day b4

Hillcrest High - A calculator, a bunch of pens and time tables, and the hillcrest high school policy to keep you safe.

Sacred Heart Girls College - A bunch of condoms

St Pauls - A Full Wallet, Map of the New school that you were brought into on scholarship because you are really good at Rugby, Basketball, Soccer etc

Girls High- You don't have a schoolbag, just a bag for your makeup, and a few ciggies to smoke at the bus depot

Melville - marijuana, Lunch Cigarettes

Fairfield College - a dictaphone that you recorded some songs on tape to, and a vivid to tag all over the bus going to and from skool

Fraser - A weapon, Marijuana, a loose piece of chickn or 2 from dina the nyt b4

Boys High - Your Sport gears i.e rugby/football boots, rowsuit. Also a mirror for touch-ups during the day.

Church College - Book of mormon and ur new world uniform for work afta skool (haha)

St Peters - Car keys and your flash laptop that daddy bought you.

NGA high - don't actually hav skool bags.. just a plastic new world bag an a couplee piecez of refill for practicing ur hits

Morrinsville - Milking gloves and a picture of your new girlfriend (hu happnz 2 b ur cuzn)

Cambridge - A bag full of rubbish, because you don't need books to pass NCEA

Nga Taiatea - A pair of pois and a sandwhich wrapped up in a bread bag
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Steph.G said...3/21/08
eah wat is this a pregnancy test an baby things!!!! fag lol
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Leah Babyy said...3/23/08
hahah Fraser'zz nawt that Bad! but datz True!
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Rach said...4/24/08
I Think You Should Add Nhs Into That Lol..

Not That Most Of Us Even Have School Bags Buh Yeah..
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Helz G said...8/3/08
Hahaha :O
Sacred Heart does not hav a bag full of condoms :L
We hav the highest pregnancy rating in nz?
We obviously forgot to put them in our bags :L :L

joax joax love ma gurls :P
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Geek said...7/6/10
thats some crazy shit lol ! nga high school have students who have bags :L or was it just me lol

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