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Hogginnnn yer home pageeeeee =D146 weeks ago

his blog is all about boys, are you ready for it?
I have a Diploma in Boys this should be easy :L

How did you meet the person you are liking?
My Husband (to be :P ) Well it was a warm summers day i was having a picnic n he was playing football he kept looking at me n smiling then he kicked the ball almost ryt at me :o He ran over n sed ''Oh im sorry....Do you no your the most beautiful women i have ever seen'' he leaned in and gently kissed me :) I hooked him :DD :L KIDDIN ON we wer drinkin up the park way shiree etc etc :Z

What age is the last person you kissed?

What attracted you to this person?
His rave dancing a hink :L

Is there any boy you would like to kick in between the legs right now?
Sean Martin =|

You find out your pregnant to the person you fell hardest for, what happens?
I say...not agen :o :L

If number 5 on your top friends kissed your ex, who would you be most mad at?
Well number 5 is my boyfriend so Im not even goiny think about that :L

Some dudes know all the right things to...

Was a boy behind the last reason you cried?
Prolly :L

You have sex with your best friends boyfriend, do you tell her?
I wouldnt do it to Smokey :P

You had sex in the past 48 hours, didnt you?

Do you find tattoos attractive on boys?
Aslong as ther nut coloured n the guy disnt go pureeee overboard way it

Have you ever kissed anyone with a tattoo?
Yess :) My name tattooed on Smokeys neck lit ''FUK AYE''

Who was the last boy to sign in on your msn?
Martin Bonner

How many boys are available on your msn?
Over 10 anyways

Name them?
Waha ! Nah pal :)

Who was the last boy to talk to you on msn?
Martin Bonner

How do you know him?
Ive knew him for yeaaaaaarsssss

Is there anyone you wouldn?t mind kissing right now?
My boy..but hes away ae shitty coatbridge

When will your next kiss be?
wen he comes in

Have you ever worn clothing that belonged to a boy?
All the time..:L

Your boyfriend cheats, what happens?
its over!!

Who was the last boy you hugged?

Is there any boy that you would do anything for?
2 :)

Are any of your friends that are boys dads?
Obvz :L

How many boys are you currently talking to on msn, and who?
Im not signed in anymore

Are boys arseholes?
OH YES!! not like i stereo type or tht :L

Out of your list, how many would you say are dicks?
not many :P They all got deleted lit ''Bolt:) ''

Name and shame them?
Im not 12 :L

What are you currently discussing on msn with a boy?
Nothing a told ye am not signed in

You have nowhere to stay and your steaming drunk, what boy would you phone?
Mcvie :D

Do you think kisses mean anything to boys?
They must

Do boys use girls for sex?
Yes but girls use boys for sex too :L

What boy last told you how they were feeling?
Smokey...n he always feels like that around me :L

Truthfully, are you still loving the person you fell hardest for?
Well obvz we r living together with our 2 gorjiss babysss

What do you think of gay boys?
Even more bitchy than girls but funny :D

Do you think its different boys being gay to girls being gay?
Not at all its all wrong if you ask me :o :L

What do you notice first on a boy?
Cant remember..Been so long since i looked :L

Would you rather be with the cool boy who treated you like crap, or the quiet boy who treated you like a princess?
a cool guy tht treated me like a princess...n guess what i got him :) i always get what i want ;)

What do you think when a boy says asl?
WIERDO!! haha

Do you think appearance is important to guys?
to a certain extent yeah

Do you think guys like girls with big boobs?
Ive had no complaints :o

What do you prefer on a boy, skinny jeans and vans or baggy jeans with converse?

What does the last text in your inbox that was from a boy say?
Boys arent allowed to text me :O koko a cani member tbh :Z

Who was the last guy to call you?
Unsure ?

Do you love this person?

How do you know this boy?

Do you think boys are good in relationships?
Mine is thts all that matters to me

does the last person you texted smoke?
not fags

is there that one guy that you'll always have feelings for no matter what?
yeahh i think so

what do you spend most of your money on?
Ebay :L

do you like winter time?
Aww :) yeh its fun :L

does it matter to you if your boyfriend/ girlfriend smokes?
Its annoyin (but im workin on tht changing) loooooooool

what do you say during awkward silences?
Hmmmmmmmmmmm :L

honestly, if you could go back three months and change something would you?
No way :)

last person to call you beautiful?
My gorjjy

can you commit to one person?
I plan too :)

do you tend to make things complicated?
uuuhhh!!! NO my way or no way ok :L ko !

do you have someone who is very protective of you?

do you like to hold hands?
Not really =S

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