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Stolen from Maz =] xx345 weeks ago
Let me know if you wanna be one + Ill add you =]
Safe xx

My Boyfriend - MAZ
My mum -
My dad -
My big brother - ROSS
My little brother - FRANK (he actually is!)
My big sister - JANIE.. she actually is too!
My little sister - AMY :D
My daughter - KIMMY
My best friend - SARAH
My sexy best legend friend - JESS L
My other sexy best friend - SARAH
My bit on the side - JESS B [jess + jess alone time :D ]
My guardian angel - SARAH
My personal shopper - MAZ
My fairy god mother - AMBER
My shoppoholic friend -
My sexy biatch - MAZ
My wee tootsie - KATE
My lil cutie pie - GRACIEEE :D
My lovely gurlie -
My best boy - OJOJ :P
My god mother - PIPPA
My god father -
My twin -
My valentine - OJOJ
My chatterbox -
My hot admirer -
My messer upper - DIZ 'Who else can mess up your hair? Who else can say those vile things and get away with it?'
My alcoholic friend - MAZ
My best sexy boy friend - KAREEM [kuff]
My hobo friend - NICOLE
My bebo friend -
My Msn friend -
My dedicated drinker friend - SARAH
My ass licker - KATE
My 1 for the future -
My sexy main man - INARA
My main gal -
My drinkin friend - OJOJ [Excpet she stays sober]
My sex buddy - KATE
My lover- KATE
My Baby Boy-
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Eat Me said...12/27/06
i would like to be your lover yes please
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Eat Me said...12/27/06
and your sex buddy
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Eat Me said...12/27/06
your ass liker
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Eat Me said...12/27/06
your wee tootsie . . . as i have fat feet
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Eat Me said...12/27/06
and i allready am you hot admirer and hobo freind
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Pippa !! said...12/28/06
god mother please?

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Dizabee!!* Izett said...1/3/07
My messer upper. WHO ELSE CAN MESS UP YOUR HAIR LIKE ME? WHO ELSE CAN SAY THOSE VILE THINGS AND GET AWAY WITH IT LIKE ME?... i rest my case- i am officially your messer upper please. X
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Jess Boyd said...1/31/07
My bit on the side ye?
lets admit it, we all like a bit off jess + jess alone time ye? x
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Elphaba The Wicked said...3/3/07
erm yes well i am obv EVERYTHING ELSE
happy bday x
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....x.*...kimberley chan...*.x .... said...3/4/07
yayy! i'm you're daughter! hahahaaaaaa x
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** G r a c i e W a r w i c k ** said...3/5/07
i will b ur lil cutie pie
dno why but i just will be

if i am allowed tht is
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Janie-Lea said...10/28/07
i want to be big sis whoop whoop lol loves yah
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