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Factzz boot meh =]298 weeks ago
Small Facts.. //*

Time Now - 00:26 >> i cant sleep =[
Full Name - Rachel Steward
Hair Colour - Brunetee babii
Eye Colour - Bluee

Favouriteess.. //*

Drink - alcomoholic?? lol vodka redbull or jus DUCE
Month - October << Ma bday woo
Food - Pasta mmm
Shop - HnM, Primeark, Newlook, Republic
Day Of The Year - New years

Family nd Friends //*

Do U Have More Girl Or Boys Friends - Gyal <3
Best Friends - Amberr ( batman )
How Often Do U Get Together With The Family -Not much rele lol
Do U Tell Ur Friends Or Parents More - Friendss!


U A Flirtt - Yessss
U Mean - When I Want To Be
U Like Someone - Yess
U Can Keep Secrets - Yes, well most da timee
U Dance In Front Of The Mirror - Not Lately
U Sing In The Shower - Yess
U Seriously Hurt Someone - Think Soo :|
U Been Seriously Hurt - Yes
U Get Ur Way - Most Of The Time (A)
Ur Williny To Try New Things - Yeahh
Yv Cheated On A Test - Yess All Of My Examss


What R U Wearing - Trackies n a strap top
Wot R U Listening To - Nuttin atm lol
How R U Feeling - Ill =[
What R U Eating - air lol
How Many People R On Line - 16
What Books R U Reading - Ian Holloway autobiogrpahy lol been readin it for ages

Gurls stuff...<3*//*

How Many Lipglosses Do U Have - Quite a few...
What Perfume Do U Wear - I have loadsa dif oness lol cnt make mii mind up..
Whats In Ur Purse - Piks, Money (most da time), bus passs, bank card, scoffers card, provisional licence, HnM card
Blonde Or Brown Boys - Brown
Short Or Long Hair ON Boys - Short and spikeyy
What Do U Find Annoyin About Boys - When They Feel Tht They Have To Make There Pals Laugh To B Aceppted So They Take The Rip Out Of Youu!

More Questions.. //*

What Was The Last Movie U Saw - Johnn tucker must diee
Wot Did U Have For Dinner - Spag bol
What R U Hoping For - To not fail ma exmas lol
What Did U Last Dream Abt - cnt actually member..
Who Was The Last Person U Spoke To On The Fone - Hana
Scary Movies Or Happy Endings - Happy Endings!
Summer Or Winter - Summer (#)
Relationships Or One Nite Stands - Relationshipz
Time Finishing - 12:34 .. Aww Am Sadd! How long did tht take me!! lol
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