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Loves It399 weeks ago
in answer to sophs comment..I love feeling clever, it's hard bein friends with a loada keanos that kno more then the bloody dictionary!
I was not impressed with Miss. Desai's comment...

"Come on class if Zoe's doing the work it can't be that hard'


Whats that all bout ehhh?
 posted by Zoe Beth 


Soph G said...12/1/05
U being a goon is my guess............
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Rosie Lesurf said...12/5/05
Zoe u r the leader of the goon squad.what do u expect?:P
Sound like u got jokes in Mrs Desai's lesson lol jookees bizzle (i would say keeno but it doesnt apply:P )
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Phil (The Engine) Eggleshaw said...9/8/06
Zo u hav no problems compared to me. My friendship circle is Me the dumb rugby player, then Chris, the biggest giner nerd since ever. Mark another genius. Landy hu is generally clever, and AJ hus another genius. So i kno how u feel, in it together against the geeks!!!!!!!
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