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It's The Little Things...317 weeks ago

It's the little things that get to me apparently, so me being me I decided to write an inconcise list of some of them.

I'd like to point out that there are certain people in mind :D

1. Brunettes: please stop wearing black on your upper half! It clashes with you hair.

(As do blue + brown, navy-blue + black, white + cream, white + biege, red + pink and gold +bronze. Just NO!)

2. Yeh, you're tall, you have long blonde hair and big boobs.
(You're also 10 stone over wieght, still find lip liner a novelty and have enough facial blemishes to rival the Elephant-Man.)

3. Yes, Your Nike trackies just scream: "I have money, class, AND know how to use a knife and fork."

"We'll nick some gear from that shop down the harbour, the pigs are proper eyein us up now innit." Well I don't know, but English Paper Foundation Tier is this way....
(Poppy knows what I'm on about!)

5. "Don't chew gum while your smoking, it'll give you mouth cancer."
Oh I get it, the SAFE way to smoke. Adolescent logic at it's finest.

6. //*/*Oh\bayybz/./\/*/./ii\\pr0pa/*//*/

Oh do you? Then you'll support my decision to stab myself repeatedly in the head with this biro until you find your way to an english lesson?

7. Call me 'babes' one more time then you leave me no choice but to drunkenly vomit in your mouth just to shut you up.

8. "This is ____ , and she's rich."
You wouldn't introduce someone like "This is ____ , and she's poor." would you?! No. So don't do the former. It's not your place to talk about it.

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Poppy Piper-Smith said...6/24/07
omg i laughed!!! brilliant. this is such a u and me bitching session list u 'bellend'...or nt!!love it and live u :)
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Bambi said...6/24/07
OMFG!!!! ROFL!!!!! kill me now so i can be at reast and know that the fact that i cant breathe is normal for my lifeless state!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! BIRO!!!! YOU MAKE ME LAUGH!!! i chocked on my drink and hit my head throwing it back in uncontrollable laughter!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love it!!!! im stealing it with the best intentions bt i know the exact voice u use!! the matter of fact, monotonous one that i LOVE and do....better!!! moihahah!!! bt this my friend is the EPITAMY of the Katsizm persona!!!! I LOVE YOU CHIZ!!!XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
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Chizza said...6/24/07
monotony is the way to go! Or is that monogamy? hmmm that's a thinker!
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♥ Jen And Peachey Here =] ♥ said...6/25/07
haha i love it =] made me laugh for fuking ages lol
love ya
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Charlie Dorrington said...7/29/07
Sooooooooooooooooo True...
loves it! :D


l u f f y h e w x x x x x x x err, really i dooo i dooo i doooo! HAHA lol JOKES :P

You shud get this published... its tht funi =]
(then agen i find most things VeRy FuNnY lmao)- but this is
-and if english foundation paper is tht way, God damn it i wish i did it! it seems far more interesting than what we did
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Ciara said...8/2/07
im just a randomer, but that was hilarious! lol
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