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Twinlakes326 weeks ago
It was Peter's(my step-grandad) birthday celebration thingy today! We all went to Twinlakes! all of us being...Me, Chloe, Tom, Mum, Dad, Nana, Peter, Helen and Shaun(my auntie and uncle), and then my cousins: Daniel, Josh, Jenna and Kelly-and Jenna's Fiance Adam..and Ryan-Kellys fiance! so there was quite alot of us :D
Mum and Shaun seemed to have more fun than the kids lol! they were always on the play areas!
Me, Ryan, Kelly, Mum and Chloe were all on the swings and kept kicking each other and going flying!! The pedal boats were exausting..but not for me :D i sat in the back of one while daniel and adam did all the work!
Poor Jenna! she couldnt do much..she's pregnant so she had to watch most of the time!!!
Shaun got stuck on one of the play areas, and mum, daniel and adam had to help pull him out!
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Mrs Hunt said...5/12/07
HaHa Wat a wicked day nd yeah i rekon my dad nd ur mum had the most fun playing on the kiddy play area! x
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Clishck said...6/12/07
the swings were really fun ryan and mum nearly knocked me off i nearly went flying but the sack race was really fun wasnt it!!!!!!!!!!
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