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Got bored :) So far, in 2008267 weeks ago
1. stayed single? As far as I know...
2. got kissed? Possibly
3. kissed someone new? Yehp :)
4. made out in a car? nope
5. had a stalker? All the time.

6. lost a friend? Millions... o.O
7. met someone that you'll never forget? Ofc :D
8. did something that you regret? Everyday :)
9. lost the person you like/liked? nopez
10. lost faith? Faith in what?

11. got a job? haha, of course not.
12. found a subject in school that you love? spanish [:
13. discovered a new talent? The ability to sleep no matter what time?
14. were you involved in something you'll never forget? Ski Trip :D :D
15. proved yourself to be an idiot? Everyday :)

16. missed somebody? Sometimes. :S
17. went to a wild party? Not that I can remember...
18. got arrested? 3 or 4 times...
19. visited a foreign state/province? Ofc :)
20. dyed your hair? Nope, but I want to :)

21.laughed so hard that you cried? Once of twice ^^
22. saw a movie so scary that it made you cry? Nope :)
23. saw a great movie? indeed
24. realized something new about yourself? Uhh... Yes?
25. achieved a dream? My dreams aren't hard to acheive ^^
26. found out who your real friends were? Yeh..
27. fell out of love/lust? Love :$
28. lied to your parents? ALL the time.
29. snuck out? to where... -.-
30. kissed under the stars? Well..

32. drank alcohol? Ofc ^^
33. had the time of your life? Livin for the day (Y)
34. swam in the ocean? Yes... Was VERY cold...
35. laid out on a beach all day? Was a beezer day :D
36. slept in past 2pm? All the time... Study Leave (Y)
37. held someones hand that you care/cared about? Hmmn... :S
38. got wasted in a public place? Hmmn... Depends...
39. gone on vacation? ski Trip (Y)
40. gone skinny-dipping? Nope
41. drove a car? Ye :)

42. gotten in a car accident? No.
43. laughed until you couldn't breathe? Most likely
44. got into a fist fight? Lmao... Yes :)
45. spent time in a hospital? Think so... Depends on my ear...
46. cooked a disastrous meal? Don't cook :)

47. embarrassed yourself in front of a class? Too much...
48. skipped class? Technically - yes. :)
49. tried something new? Try to every day :)
50. had an amazing year? Been Beezer so far :D
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