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?.and anyone who knows children, likes children or is a child.

Barenaked Ladies have recorded their first kid?s album called SNACKTIME that comes out MAY 6. SNACKTIME is made up of 24 original songs from BNL, who, as you may or may not know, are all fathers to children ranging in age from a few months old to pre-teens.

Some of you might be wondering why the guys chose to make this album now. Ed Robertson sheds some light on the subject:

?Our collective kids now outnumber the band more than 2 to 1,? says Ed. ?We set out to make a record that would be entertaining for them?not strictly a children?s record, but a record that children would really enjoy. Our kids are in to all kinds of music. They love the They Might Be Giants kids records, but they also love The Beatles, Fountains of Wayne, Randy Newman, Black Eyed Peas and Green Day. Making the focus about what our kids like was a truly liberating process and fun for the whole band.?

Check out ?7 8 9? now, and keep checking back for more kids? songs to be added!
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Vonny said...5/2/08
Aw..You guys!! ;) are sooo cool!! xx
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