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Stuffles.... (:198 weeks ago
My new little space for rants, recounts and regales. I hate forgetting things so chances are it'll end up in here at one stage or another :) Comment or not, it really doesn't bother me xD Cuz we all know i' doing this for the crack anyways, sad as that is.
S'laters X

TY! <3
Soooooo much stuff to put here, but I dunno when I'll have time to make it all neat and spacey.... Effort!! :L But I will do it some day!
Coordinator, oh yeahh :DD As well as mentoring... It's leading to a tiny bit of badge whore obsession; but that matches my inability to say no this year. Meals on wheels? Sure! Speech at the mentor ceremony? Why not! Church readings and youth choir? No bothr! Which is kinda interesting considering I can't sing or speak very well publicly. But how and ever :)
Photography workshop was epic, I love Tim! Even schemed a pet rock from the religion storeroom and named it after him :L Managed not to break the camera despite dropping it twice. Robyn made me hop over a wall, flash some cars, scale another wall and do the whole thing again just to get a picture through a hole. All in all, I'm a crazy Canadian lavalamp shaking mad haired lady.... Or a gorilla zombie according to cormac :L deadly two days


I will prob write more here later, cuz well Eeeeeeeeee!!! But just a short bit for now :)
McFly: My first ever. Thought I would hate it after they murdered Don't Stop Me Now (R.I.P. Freddie Mercury) on the radio, but honestly it was deadly! I love my ellie for bringing me, and finding my ring in the crowds after. Supported by Reemer and some other pop/rock band, boht of whom sounded the same. Quite the deadly night :D
"Who wants Dougie's cold?"
"I DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Take That: Omfg..... Yet another band I didn't know to well, but can i say wow?? Supported by Gary Go (Sings Wonderful, ridiculously upbeat song you'd recognise if i played it) and the Script. We made the lead singer in the Script cry after the Man Who Can't Be Moved, with like an 8 minute long stnading ovation. Dressed in an Ireland flag he was, bless his lil cotton socks. Then Take That came on... What an entrance!! the whole circus theme was animal, especially since we were in the FRONT ROW BABY! xD Such an incredible night, probably the best stage show I'll ever see in my life. First gig i actually paid for :L Never forget where you're coming from...
"Oh dear, i seem to have split me trousers coming onstage....."
All Time Low: Maureen O'Daly, for as long as I live I will never ever ever be able to repay you! ATL are my favourite band on the planet, not just because i would so bang each and every one of them ;) The Academy, my new personal favourite place for gigs. It's so cosy and close, but it has such a giggy atmosphere to it! Killed myself on the way in for merch (T-shirt AND hoodie baby :P ) and still made it to within a few metres of the stage. Friday Night Boys and the Audition supporting (Warm me up is such a sexual song!!), pretty fucking sweet if i may say so. Then.... the best day on the planet. I hyperventialted so much, maureen had to keep reminding me to breathe! :L Screamed along (hideously out of tune i might add) to every single song. I'm ashamed to say I nearly cried during Remembering Sunday. Poor Jack's nose :( ALEX LOOKED AT ME!!!!!!! :DD *squeals*
Jack: "I'll bring you to the zoo :) "
Alex: "Well i'll bring you to my hotel room ;) " *swooooooon!*
Jack: "Well i'll bring you too the zoo, and then to my hotel room! ;) :P " (eeeeee!)
Alex: "We didn't get you a hotel room Jack. *laughs* It's true, he doesn't have one! he sleeps in the trailer :L "
(Jack can sleep in my room any day ;) *coughs*withme*coughs*)

Alex:"*reads sign* 'Keep it under pg-13, Mom's outside....' "Yeah, well fuck you mom!"

I <33 ATL!!!!!!! :DD

Hiding d lads tent in the forest in cork. The giraffe crossing :L Staying up all nite on the training weekend outside the tents. Roisin falling over running across the road :L Buying Valentine's shite for the girlie nite with k8 nd rach. Midget lifting with Rua :L Rachel nd Lesley nd me and the banana! :D Me and roisin, runnin off down the road with children under our arms... Ah if only :D :L :L With rach and the apron italian in Tenerife. :D SPOONS! in general.... :L Very first shield..... :) Adopting Bambi the dog :L Me and Ellie and the irn bru :D Emma trying to dance in the puddle/bog :) threatening to fight Gareth in Ardgillan :) Abnormally tall kids in lifesaving... :D Random conversations avec ally in home ec :) disagreeing with shaney on 4 WHOLE THINGS! :O :O :L Ice skating.... ;) :L

More to come, i'll be bored again sooooooon :D
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