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Memoriess =] x308 weeks ago
Write down as mant memories of me and you that youu can remember happy or sad :D x
 posted by Emily X 


Neavee said...8/30/07
Well Emilys thers loadz..:O
I cant think of them all bu heres somee ..:D

Well.. wen we was on the bus makin the noises Lmaoo.. & everyone was like.. wtf :P
& wen u was ovaa my ows & we was talkin 2 glenn from the window & u nearly pushed me off the fence :O
&.. wen we was in the races.. & the last race was Emily summin & it was from Smith.. & u still didn win Lmaoo.. Gutted :P .. I wan insted :D hehe
Wen was was dwn Kierans & umm Noo I didn break the bed did i emilyy :P
In Drama.. wen u was doin ur thing.. & u went flyin on the chair infront of everyonee ! :L Lmaoo Tha was CREASIN :P

I'll do moree wen i can membaa :D
LY Emilyy :) x
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Neavee said...8/31/07
& wen we was waitin for the bus by ur ows..
& the bus came nd went straight past us :O
He didan even stop for us likee :o
Cheak on him ini Lmaoo :P
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Em said...11/3/07
That time in your room with the nipple tassles;)

Skiin :D

the..arguing and the gigglin..

When I fell :o:(

Winding bronnie up :L

You Hittin james with the snow ball:L

Evil twat:D

When you chucked up your chinease after you knowww ..:o;)

Erm...Today :D

Walkin into the screen thingy and we were pissin our selves laughin and set everyone off :L

Walkin back from the Glam with Rob and James leadin them to your house for aaagess :D

Gettin beepd at ;)

Layin boys every Friday ;)

Good times :D

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Bethh. said...11/14/07
Lotss of them.
Buhh heres a few.

When i offered to be your pizza deliverie guy ..
Too keep an eye on you too chopsticks.
Buh your nastilyy declinedd my offer :( .

& When i warnedd youu not to havee a chinesee with that chopstickk of yours :P .. Just incase you get knocked up and start givin birth to chickenn chow meinss ! :P

On Hallaween .. when i gor egged in the foot ? :S:P .

.. & Our dailyy walks (more like runs) too cheers aftaa school .. running for the bus :P x

When we went too the fair and ourr taxii didnt showw up and wee nicked someone elsess taxii ..
Haahh :D
.. They were probliee like "Are you the mcdonals" ..
& we was like .. "Yeahh Fuckin shruupp and drive we're latee" !

Me Yourss and neavess sleepoverr bitching sessionss .. LOVE THEM :D :L .

Ritee .. Thats all i can think of. I'll writee more when i thinkk moree :)


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Jenny said...12/13/08
Belgium... what happens on tour stays on tour!
The sleepover with half naked Beth!
Swimmin in the Afan Lido when Beth jumped in then decided she didnt wanna go swimmin anymore
MATHS like every lesson
Your birthday party with the dance off
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