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HGSC Leavers 03-08! 8 days ago 267 weeks ago

Right Not Good At Doin Stuff Like This Lol, Cant Belive How Fast These Five Years Have Gone, Doesnt Seem 5 minutes When We Started In Year 7 Lol! I Have Met Some Amazing People Over These School Years. It Wouldnt Been The Same Without You Guys. Cant Belive I Going To Say This But I Am Going To Miss Heanor Gate School And The People In Our Year!
Also I Am Going To Miss Some Of The Teachers Aswell, Even Including Mrs Hatton Lol!

Good Luck Every1 In The Future!

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Shazza said...6/8/08
leanna where do i start wid u? lol ...............

over the last 5 years i have had so many laughs wid u :P

u r awesome las to no we ave spoke biut lodz of random shit which always ended up being funny lol

u have gave me a lot of advice over the years and im really greatful for everything that you have helped me through n cuz of tht u r 1 hell of a fucking legend lol

i hope u find mr wright very soon as u deserve to be very happy bbe! hope we keep in touch as u r amazing bbe!

take lodz of care n i will miss u lodz...... lodz of love bbe lv shazza xxxxxxx
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Charlottebull said...6/8/08
Well many memories ive shared with you
your sister dyeing my hair
pirates of the caribbean with shazza :P and the msn lol
ma 14th b-day
devon wen we cracked our heads open n we got hyper on coca cola :P
wood :P jade trying to buy laxatives wen we cunt stop laffin emma bulls estate on water :L
plenty of memories ive shared with you i kno we dont seem as close anymore but will always remember you my gym buddy leanna love you n good luck with everything :D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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Ace Ventura Pet Detective said...6/8/08
wel dnt go ur skool no mur
bu ave known u since i wo bout 4
probz c u wen ur owt gerrin fuked still tho
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Dale said...6/8/08
where do i start u stink lol only jokin
an we ant had no laughs more like u had
a laugh bullyin me for how many yrs lol
wot is u get beat up by girls or u threw a brick threw
ur own window lol i cant believe am sayin this but am gnna miss
u leanna lol good luck 4 future xxx
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