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Who is your All time?253 weeks ago
I recently got asked a question about who my all time favourite wrestler is. so i gave this answer;

The Rock
Came in as a good guy, converted to a bad guy, became the peoples champion (good guy) made people hate him, then love him, and hate him again, and finalyl love him once more...
Could say that he was the guy i loved to hate, i liked the way he could warm up the crowd by just raising his eyebrow, or just smelling the atmosphere. Loved the way he carried the belt to the ring, and flung it up into the air. Loved how he was the champion when he never had the belt.
Seriously, can you ask for anything more in a wrestler?

Now, tell me your answer to the question;

who is your all time favourite wrestler?
Give good reasons, and i will give you love.

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Kiefer said...9/14/08
Shawn Michaels

Electrifying entrance. Made ladies love him. Made men want to be him. Classic first matches in the Ladder, Ironman, Hell in a Cell and Elimination Chamber. Still going strong after a 20 plus year career.
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Xander. said...9/14/08
The Undertaker.

His persona has changed so much over the 15+ years of his wrestling career. And he always makes it exiting... He also has good ringskills, unlike John Cena. He is (in my opinion) one of the greatest wrestlers ever.

Also, Kurt Angle...
He got the crowd in WWE to hate him so well, and he also has unmatched skills.
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