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Dream Matches313 weeks ago
Not in any particular order.

Extreme rules match
The Sandman vs Ulf Herman
Its actually going to happen April 2008.

No-Holds Barred
Cactus Jack vs Abyss

King of Comedy match
Mad Man Manson vs Eugene

Triple Threat
Goldberg vs Brock Lesner vs Bobby Lashley

Hardcore Battle Royal
Sandman vs Tommy Dreamer vs Raven vs Cactus Jack vs Terry Funk vs Abyss vs Ulf Herman vs Vampiro vs Sabu vs Steve Corino

Survival of the Smallest
Brother Runt vs Spud vs Crash Holly

Survival of the biggest
Viscera vs Rikishi
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Jiggy Smith said...4/29/08
Triple threat..
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