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sumerslam results361 weeks ago
some of these results are not wot we all expected but still.

rey mysterio vs chavo~ winner chavo

ecw world title
big show vs sabu~winner Big show

world heavyweight championship
king booker vs batista :batista win by dq after queen charnelle interupted the match, but king booker still is champ

randy orton vs hulk hogan: hulk hogan win by pin fall

DX vs the mcmahons :before the match you saw HHH and HBK saying" he said umaga is the biggest, nastiest beast monster in wwe" to a un-known superstar before the match vince called out his spirit squad, mr kenedy, william regal, finly and the big show, then during the match umaga came down took out HBK then HHH then went back to HBK then out came kane who started to beat on umaga then took him back stage DX win by pin fall

mick foley vs rick flair "i quit" match: flair win

john cena vs edge for the wwe title: edge win by pin fall after lita gave him brass knuckels

is it wot u ecpected?
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