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"ツNew friends are like silver... buh the old ones are like GOLD :) "

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Bored....214 weeks ago
Who did you last pinky? promi?se with??
Think it mite av been Una on Wed nite...! :)

Is there? someo?ne you would?n'?t mind kissi?ng right? now?
Awk am not wile bothered...:L

This time last April,? were you singl?e??
Nope.. was not!

How are you feeli?ng right? now?

Do you think? someo?ne is think?ing about? you right? now?
Prob not!

Do you belie?ve in perfe?ct??

Are you a jealo?us perso?n??

When will your next kiss be?
God knows!!

Are you satis?fied with what you curre?ntly have in life?
I am indeed! :)

Who were the last peopl?e you saw in perso?n??
My sister

What'?s somet?hing you reall?y want right? now?
Dunno really...:L

How'?s your heart? right? now?

How'?s your relat?ionsh?ip statu?s??

Have you chewe?d gum after? someo?ne else alrea?dy had?
...Yep! :L

Are you ever a freak? about? clean?lines?s or organ?izati?on??
Aw wile altogether...:L :L am a bit of a neat freak!

Do you bump into someo?nes arm if you want to hold their? hand??
Y wud ya do dat..?! :L

If you were getti?ng marri?ed tomor?row,? do you know who your best man would? be?
Dunno.... one of da neighbours I've known since we wer wee maybe..?

How long have you liked? the perso?n you curre?ntly like??
Gud wee while I suppose

Did you ever waste? too much time on a certa?in boy or girl??
Yep...not worth it!

Do you think? that you?r?e a good perso?n??

Ever dated anyon?e that smoke?s??

Do you ever bite your lip?
Yep sometimes

What made your day?
Catchin up wit da girls..:)

How many peopl?e have you kisse?d in 2009??
Wasn't counting!! :L

Do you think? two peopl?e can last forev?er??

Do you give up easil?y??
Depends on situation...

Where? do you go when you want to be alone???
A wee walk ta meself!

When was the last time you cried? reall?y hard??
A wee bitta cryin a few weeks ago maybe...

Do you have trust? issue?s??

Are you scare?d of losin?g the perso?n you like to someo?ne else??
Not bothered..:L

Number two in your top friends tells you they're pregnant. What do you do?
Oh gawd... dunno hi!! :L

Is it easy to annoy? you?
Meh... depends really..:L

Are there? certa?in thing?s that can'?t be joked? about?, if anyth?ing??
Depends who it's in front of I suppose...

Would? you pass a drug test??

Last person you kissed?
Better not say!

Do you have someo?ne you can't be your compl?ete self aroun?d??

Is there? someo?ne who you can spend? every? minut?e with and be happy???
My friends just...

Have you ever read a book in one day?
Yea Harry Potter!

Has anyon?e ever broke?n your heart??

Have you ever been hit by the opposite sex?
No way!

Do you miss anybo?dy?
Not really...

How late did you stay up last night and why?
Eh... bout 4...:P

Has someone ever spread a nasty rumor about you?

Are you an emotional person?
 posted by Chloe McLaughlin 

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