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"A heart so consumed by darkness longs to hate, to break free and kill !"

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some more random stuff I wrote when I got bored 309 weeks ago
She is worthless in everyone?s eyes she is alone in the fright for life itself, she is sacred as so has lost, and now she is crying cause she is dying, and the sad thing is now that she is gone she is no longer worthless in anyone?s eyes.

When you?re dead, you are nothing. Worthless, your alone, you?ll be forgotten, a lost soul. Death is lonely he calls for you. All that pain, you wanted it to stop, you to stop feeling worthless being no one in everyone?s eyes, if that?s so how does death help it?s the same thing with one main difference your all alone forever in death.

There?s a link in which, one falls, the chains are broken and the rest fall to perishes among the ashes of those that had fallen before them, shall this be out fate, do we get a choice in what will become of us, the answer is as cold as can be. No. We shall perish no matter what we do that is our fate! That calls us near.

Why are you crying, you did it, you put an end to it, you stop it, you?ve killed your pain for good, your dying, this is what you?ve wanted, you?ve slit your wrists finally and now your bleeding. You can?t take it back now, this is after all what u have wanted what u longed for what you?ve been waiting for. To them your already gone your already dead. They won?t miss you at all so don?t sheared tears for them not after what they did to you they killed you after all. It?s coming for you now, remember death is only the begging you?ll have your ravaged they will all die at your hands in the end.

Where are you? Why are you never there when I need you? Why is it I must suffer alone? When you said you loved me. That you would always stay by my side. you would always be there with me. When I need you. When I can?t go on. When I need a hug. When I need your love. When I cry. When I am lost. But its impossible now you did it you left me all alone. You stopped your pain. What about me? I was suppose to be your world. But you killed us slowly but you did. For those that didn?t care. For those that you cared your people but tell me this why? And what about me? You never though of me you thought I would be happy to be alive you were wrong I am dead without you. So thank you for killing us.

When one falls, why is it so that we all must perish and suffer the same fate as those before us, have we got no choice, what happen to us, where is our faith in something better then this, shall we not rise to this our so called fate! Shall we really stand and watch the innocence perish waiting for our turn.
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Sorrow said...9/2/07
very nice lol :P its nice to know that u still remember and keep writing about something that died so many years ago hehe :P if u know what I mean
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Better Late Than Never said...9/3/07
yeah I do hehe :P and is it really hehe :L my memory isn't that bad surely then again more then likely is hehe
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Sorrow said...9/13/07
aww bless so not true lol your memory isn't that bad that you remember me, you remeber little old Sky and you love her :D Yes I like talking about myself in third person get over it lol :P
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Better Late Than Never said...9/25/07
ok u must also like not making any sense too hehe :P :D
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