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Mine &&& Ava's summer to do list! 219 weeks ago
1) die somones hair pink and blue
2) Go to the cinema
3) make a total wipe out course
4) make a giant slide mat
5) re-decorate ava's room
6) massage's :P
7) Fish & Chips from holt
8 ) Eat some stilton cheese
9) Camp out
10) eat a big box of malteasers at midnight
11) piss up a lamppost
12) pleasure wood hills
13) go to a resteruant
14) go on a long walk
15) bike through a field with loads of crops in
16) get pissed
17) make a cake (ava's idea)
18 ) water fight
19) have a mud wrestle
20) go to the beach
21) tie our feet together for a whole day
22) fancy dress
23) i have to wear a bra and thong for a whole day
24) ava has to wear my ck's for a whole day
25) roller skating everywhere for a whole day
26) ava puts make up on my and i gel her hair
27) get ava to eat meat!
28 ) watch all the saw's
29) go on a night hike to the church at midnight after watching a propa scary film
30) see how much money we can get from washing cars
31) walk to ava's house on my own then walk back to my house with ava or vice versa
32)make nathan go into primark
33)go to a supermarket and one of us get in the trolley and the other one pushes them down the aisles
34)teach ava how to play COD 5
35) cut the lawn
36) go for a walk in the rain
37) run around the garden in a thunder storm... live life on the edge ;) :L
38 ) go sailing
39) suck a lemon
40) make ava watch one episode of road wars
41) beat the high score on bop it :L
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Ava Loves Nathan said...5/14/09
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Ava. said...5/15/09
we have a lot of stuff to do :L
whats vice versa? the other way round?!

love you :D x
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Ava Loves Nathan said...5/15/09
yeah we do

yeah the other way round

and u take the piss out of me being in 4th set for english! RETARD :P

xxxxxx love u really and lots ;) xxx
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Ava. said...5/15/09
find my phone.
make nathan go into primark!
go to a supermarket and one of us get in the trolley and the other one pushes them down the aisles !
ermm.. teach ava how to play COD. haha.
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Ava Loves Nathan said...6/1/09
5 down 30 to go :L

i love youu xxxx i cant wait til the mud wrestle and the giant slide matt and the total wipe out :L im imagining it right now and its gonna be hilarious :D x
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