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I talk too much...282 weeks ago
my musical muffin recipe ?
[Spunge] The Coral, The Arcade Fire, What Made Milwaukee Famous, Queens of the Stone Age, The Unicorns, Monkey Swallows The Universe, Eminem, Regina Spektor, the Noisettes, The Hoosiers, Snow Patrol, No Doubt, The Shins, Kings Of Leon, Bedouin Soundclash, The Fray, Shakira, Linkin Park, The Killers, Blind Mellon, We Are Scientists, Sublime, The Von Bonies, Vampire Weekend, The Violent Femms, The submarines The Subways, (We Are) Performance, Sia, American Hi-Fi, Jos� Gonz�lez, Gemma Hays, The Postal Service, Steriophonics, The Maccabees, Zero 7, Kimya Dawson, Bowling for Soup, Eels, Dispatch, Joshua Radin, Remmy Zero, The Flaming Lips, The Foo Fighters, Gossip, Jimmy Eat World, Keane, Jamie Cullum, The Kooks, The Libertines, Neutral Milk Hotel, Rockapella, Max�mo Park, The Zutons, Newton Faulkner, Tegan and Sara, Cake, Mr Hudson & The Library, Air Traffic, Sara Barielles, Ingrid Michaelson Matt Nathanson, The New Pornographers.

[Garden State, Wimbledon,Juno, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, the Notebook, The Mexican, P.S. I Love You Love and Other Desasters]
[Serenity Kill bill, Con Air, Fight Club, Frequency, Die Hard(s), the fifth element, The Matrix trilogy, Desperado & Once upon a time in mexico, (i do love a mexican gun fight or 2 lol), Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels]
[How to Kill Your Neighbour's Dog! Little Miss Sunshine, ALL monty pythons, Wayne's World is EXCELLENT! lol, Enchanted, John Tucker Must Die, Happy Gilmore - but who doesnt love that film?]
[Spirited Away]

The Box
Scrubs My So-Called Life, Grey's Anatomy!!! The OC, Veronica Mars!!!top gear, Buffy Angel, mock the week, never mind the buzzcocks, Cold Feet, Nearly Famous CSI Miami, CSI Las Vagas, Heroes Green Wing, Firefly Alias, Spaced, House M.D. Ugly Betty, [spooks] Life on Mars, Prison Break, Hustle, how i met your mother Veronica Mars, the IT crowd, X-files ... General sci-fi. no matter what you say - it is great, Anime like - the Full Metal Alchemist + Full Metal Panic ?

my guilty pleasures
Running in slow motion, SEA MONKEYS, going the wrong way on escelators, Penutbutter & Marmite sandwiches, Arty - Funny - and generally AWESOME movies (and tv shows [look up]) Karl Pilkington, Mushrooms, Vimto, Musical episodes of TV programs, my morning 'two-and-a-half-sugars-and-cream' (coffee) Punk covers of boring songs, marinating tadpoles for my bi-monthly amphibious BBQ. ??

George Bush, The crazy frog, cats with mops on their feet, High school musical... dont even go there *shudder*, Men in sandles, white chocolate, Parawhores. and yes evie - that's you! Not too keen on fish, miserable bus/taxi drivers, Small dog syndrome in people, bebo videos that start automaticlly - i meen wot the hell? I am listening to myown music thanx, rude much!
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