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Fires, Dublin Castle, and Gigs, gigs, gigs..... :)324 weeks ago
Hello Again!

It's been a while since we posted up news here, and since the last time a lot has happened...

First and foremost, we'd like to thank all of you that picked up "In Love With Detail", the record went to number 7 in the charts, which we really didn't expect, and to those of you that have spread the word, it's been amazing playing gigs to people that know the songs, singing them back to us, thank you thank you thank you!

Since we came back from the States, its been all go, So over the last month we have played 30 gigs, made a video for Eustace Street with some friends and fans of the band (THANKS TO EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU!) and have met lots of interesting people along the way,

We've tried to play an all ages gig in every town we've been, and thanks to everyone that turned up to see us knock out tunes in random record shops and shopping centres in Ireland, (as well as those of you that came to the night gigs!) it's been a lot of fun so far, long may it continue....

....Our van went on fire coming back from Limerick, it was a challenge putting that out with bottles of water (special thanks to Ferg for trying to drive through the smoke and to Stephen for picking us up from the middle of Kildare)...

?We played Dublin Castle for the first time, having been in Waterford till 7am that morning, it was great to see people giving it loads on the cobbled ground, damn the consequences!!

...we regularly played 2 gigs a night, including a recent 3 hour haul from Galway to play the Trinity Ball at 4am, which has to go down as 2 of the best delorentos gigs (for us) ever.. hello to everyone who stayed til 5am watching us!

We've got lots of gigs coming, up including playing with The Arctic Monkeys, Supergrass and The Coral at Malahide Castle?

...we were even on the premiership a few times over the goals!

?and there is more to come, so keep checking out the gigs listed here and on, as we'll be posting more up over the coming weeks and months....

Let us know about any funny stories from your end - ie - the girl who asked we sign her arm so she could get our names tattooed there, (!) the guy who brought his elderly mother to a gig to meet us, the girls who skipped an exam in Cork...

All the Best,
N�al, (and Ro, Kieran and Ross)

p.s ? A special note has to go to The Immediate, now broken up, -they were one of the most inventive bands to come out of Ireland in a long time, and it was a pleasure and privilege to play with them over the last couple of years, you will be sorely missed.
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Brian O Reilly said...5/14/07
Nice ;)
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Joanne Carmody said...5/14/07
I'd heard about the Immediate. It's a sad ending. Their album was definately one to rival yours (though it came nowhere near ^_^).

Any chance of playing a gig very soon in Killarney, perhaps for the auld Summerfest ... go on, Director are coming! :nudgenudge:
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Stephie said...5/14/07
you're absolute heroes for the trinity gig, especially seeing how damn cold it was. :L good to see you having a crowd that rivalled hot chip's as well! nice work! as usual, i took too many photos, aha.
a few of us are thinking of heading down the country to see you to celebrate the end of our exams so hopefully will see you again now soon!
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Paddy Padman said...5/14/07
Fecking Summerfest never asked yee to support!!Much rather see yee playing than Director (and the fact its only across the road from me does help :D )
Your supporting the Arctic Monkeys? Woah!! haha
That sucks about the Immediate breaking up..
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Aili said...5/15/07
saw ye at the roisin gig in galway...beautiful sound.serious respect 4 headin up 2 dublin 4 yet another gig(& another brill set,as i've read),glad it wrked out + every1 was'nt totally trollied as was thought!:L stamina or wat!
hope 2 see ye at oxygen
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Kev said...5/15/07
lads you are the most savage band around. and there loads of talent coming out of skerries now (keiran) like the kinetiks (whos ep is savage). so you should come back and play a gig here keiran? dave stock? also and this important. i got a slot on 2fm and i talked about you guys and played eustace street...its on like the 3rd of may at like 7-8 i think
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Rebecca O'Shea said...5/15/07
Absolute highlight of the Ball on Friday night, didn't feel the cold, didn't notice the cobbles and felt like I was floating on air when ye played. Of course a few minutes after ye guys left the stage froze my ass off, stumbled on the cobbles and moaned about my sore feet. See at Malahide woohoo!!!
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Mohammed Hamza said...5/17/07
I heard the rules on the premiership! class! ye better have been paid loads for that!:L

.. i miss the immediate already. :(
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. Delorentos . said...5/17/07
KEVLAR -> its oni the 3rd of may?
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Triona Brick said...5/17/07
Ok well you guys know I think you're great! I can safely say since I got the album you've become my favourite band. I've listened to it so many times-still not bored! not only is the music great, I LOVE the lyrics! Definitely some great one liners there ("you treat me like a doctor and hold me like a child"). Well I skipped school to come see you! That was fun....and gave you cds I hope you enjoyed- that was original methinks :L . I've converted lots of people to you guys! my sis went to see you in dublin, I got your album for my friend, convinced two others to buy it, who gave it to a few more people.....the list goes on!
Anyway to end this epic comment you deserve every success. Congratulations! Hope you're all well
Triona xx :D
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Niamh Hanley said...6/5/07
Loved Trinity Ball set, lads, reckon I may have got you a few new fans as well. Proof of this: a mate who kept insisting they were going straight home, couldn't last another minute - "oh well, I'll stay for the start of their set" - at the end of the set, they were still there. :D I didn't know about The Immediate though - noooo! I'm heartbroken, even more so now as I missed their set at the Ball!
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Sam said...6/8/07
Fair play for acknowledging The Immediate guys- it's a tragic loss. I've been backing them for years and it was heartbreaking to see things not work out. But I do, with all honesty, see Delorentos as the next best band at the forefront of the Irish music scene. You'll do Ireland proud, whatever happens.
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. Delorentos . said...6/11/07
yeah, its a shame. we had a few beers to see them off... very sad. the irish music scene however isn't a very profitable place, and its tough to keep going sometimes...
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