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The Origin Of The Musical Brothers Dildo365 weeks ago
The Musical Brothers Dildo formed on a hot july night on the 18th of the month 2006. The two founding members (Harry Clapton John Pressley Ward and Micheal Dylan Thomas Zimmerman FitzGerald) had no idea that, that night fate would throw them headfirst into the murky world of drink, drugs and christian rap.

After a throughly enjoyable day at Greystones, drinking whiskey from a hip flask, smoking and watching the sun set) two young men, Harry and Donal Dominic Moran, went in search of adventure and found themselves drawn to the house of a certain Michael Fitz. It didnt take much bookmarking porn as a prank on the tv, for the lads to grow weary of the this mundane life and so they set about calling their campanion and ally, Daniel Bob Morten Tuomey, and they set off to the nearest communnal grassed area, sometimes referred to as Palmerston Park.

There they discussed all manor of things from the meaning of suffering to the true cause of musical anguish. When closing time came the allies boldly decided to hide from the local park kepper, Barry Parky Parkson, and when he averted his gaze for a split second they made a dash for the bushes and hid, not in fear but in rebellion against the unjust park laws that make us a society toady.

When the park was sealed off from the outside world, our heroes, climbed 'The Tree Of Wisdom' and began to discuss all sorts from Neil Young to Robert Zimmerman.

After a livley debate.... they vaulted over the huge barbed wire fence enclosing the park, and ran to freedom.

On arriving at freedom (aka Ranelaigh) our friends came upon a quaint little place which earned its keep by retailing mexican foods. They call this place 'Burrito's and Blue's'.

Because Michael and Harry were such astute savers, as they were saving up to pay for medical treatment if ever they got AIDS, they decided against purchasing a burrito and instead took a seat and contemplated.

Our fat friends Donal and Daniel, took it upon themselves to ensure this small establishment would'nt go out of business any time soon, and as such, left Michael and Harry sitting across the room.
As they waited, for their comrades to finish gorging on burrito's, they took a break from deep thought for a split second and something magical happened.

A song began to play on the radio. A wonderful song. A majestic song. A half way decent song. Neither men to this daycan remember the music or lyrics, but they know this much: it was toe-tapping good.

As the rythms took hold of them, they began to bob their heads back and forth as if spell bound by the music. Soon an eerily happy grin had engulfed their faces as they began to get more and more taken over by the beats.

Soon Daniel arrived back and of course was hugley impressed by our dancing skills and he seemed mesmerised byb our performance. Then Donal came back and oddly talked to us as we danced and continued to talk for a short whilem seemingly not very taken with our dancing ability. It was then decided by some that Donal was either somehow immune to the dance or was hugley innatentive. To this day historians argue the case for both and we may never know.

When the song ended the four gallant friends went and sat on a street bench, and Michael was hit by a bolt of brilliance. He began to sing some amazing spine tingling lyrics: 'You See Me Rocking And I'm So Hard To Stop, Yeah, You See Me Rocking And I'm So Hard To Stop, Yeah, You See Me Rocking And I'm So Hard To Stop, Yeah'

All around him fell silent as everyone took in the genius of his lyrics, they drank in the very soul of sound as we know it.

At this point Harry had joined Mike in the dance once more and they preformed in to passers by who were all so impressed they pretended not to see us.

Luckily one man present was ahead of his time and had thought to bring a video camera. This video captured some of the early steps of the Musical Brothers Dildo. This can be seen in certain flashboxes a
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Dee Pee Moran said...7/20/06
you're guys are sure reaching high places but your a pretty tall guy Harry.
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Dan Tuomey said...8/2/06
What's next? I'd say you'll build the world's longest daisy chain. But secretly it will be made out of Daisies that you ingested whole and then shat out whole. So that when people touch the chain in amazement, you will snigger at them behind their backs, cause they'll kinda sorta be touching your poo. I'd love that.
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Rowan Lacey said...8/29/06
It's long enough anyway...
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Harry Ward said...11/16/08
the daisy chain?
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