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"[HG™] dead bodies dont drown, but bitches like you do."

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haters343 weeks ago
Not all people that wear black are gothic. Not all emos cut their wrists and go around crying all the time. Not all punks go drugs and that stuff. And yet, why do you continue to think that way?

to all you emo/goths/bi/gay/lez haters i dont no what the fuk your problem is but we are no different then any other person i hate people who judge me when they dont even no me so if you hate emos/goths/bi/gay/lez then dont leave comments on my page i dont even want to hear what the fuck you have to say ok emos/goths/bi/gay/lez rock so if you hate us then fuck off ok

As for all the people that are making hate sites, why do you waste your time doing it? I don't really see the point. You just seem like attention seeking jerks to me. If you're gonna make a Bebo page for something, make it for something that you like, not something you hate. It's just common sense.

And why do you go around saying how much you hate goths, emos, and so on? If they annoy you so much, then don't pay any attention to them. Most of them don't go around saying how much they might hate you. The same goes for music. Why do you care so much about other people's lives? It's none of your business.

I guess that's all I'm gonna say. And don't waste your time if you've got something to say against this please. It's that much more time you could spend on something you like
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Micheali Robson said...1/9/07
yeah! and not all ducks are sweet and innocent!
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Charlie Fantastic said...1/9/07
haha well im sure theyre not dear
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Skyler Shah said...1/13/07
i know, i got chased some when i was younger, THEY TRIED TO KILL ME!!! im scarred in the head, cant find any on my body, dont think they caught me, bastards!

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Muz said...2/12/07
RIGHT ON! Haters need to get a life...
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The 2am girl . said...2/13/07
rock on, fuck emo haters. Im not emo but i get compared but i feel flattered by it
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Muz said...3/26/07
I really do like this blog and wat it has to say... Can I copy it? I'll giv u credit of course!
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Beckyboosh said...7/22/07
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Charlotte said...10/22/07
go charlie!!:P well sed ... now go knock that builders ladder over!
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Amlr said...12/6/07
Go Charliee :D :D Awesome blog Lovee Yuu !! x x
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