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Chapter 1

?Shonte? girl are you ready just yet!? Nasheya yelled from the bedroom. I walked out the bathroom in a yellow, black, and white freakum dress from Dereon?.
?Yes I?m done, Do I look ok?? I asked looking down at myself to make sure I looked okay.
?DAMN! You look fierce. Stop worrying so damn much you look sexy. You gone have every man wanting to dance with you and take you home for a night cap.? Nasheya said being for real.
?You know I only had sex once in my lifetime and didn?t even have a damn orgasm so what the hell does that tell you. I was wearing glasses till I turned 21.? I said looking at myself in the mirror.
?Well damn you need to go get you some that was like 9 years ago back in high school to that needle dick dude that thought he was the shit.? she said causing both of to laugh hard.
?Well yeah its just that every dude is a ass whole or got something wrong with them every time I date them. I want someone that can actually relate to me and only me.? I said grabbing my clutch from off the T.V stand and putting on my yellow and black heels. My name is Shonte, I?m 5?9 average, light skinned, thick wit it, hair down the center of my back, and have green hazle eyes. I?m shy as hell and get along with anybody its just that when somebody start to talk shit then they gone get what is coming for them simple as that.

?Damn bitch you looking for Dr.Phil or some shit like that.? she said as we walked into the kitchen. We decided to have a couple of drinks before we headed off to club Ices and plus we had to wait up on my best friend Ronetta. We both look the same people might mistake us for twins. She is my best friend. We both live in ATL and both work for the same multi-million dollar firm. About 10 minutes later I heard the doorbell ring and a knock at the door. I got up to answer it. It might be Ronetta late ass.
?Yes, Ms. Late ass.? I said as I opened the door. I looked up and seen a 6?2, dark skinned, grey eyes, dreads, dimples, pearly whites, and dressed very well guy.
?Oh I?m sorry I didn?t know that you were waiting for someone.? he said apologizing.
?Oh I?m sorry I should?ve looked before I opened my mouth, and you are??
?Melvin Brooks. I just moved in next door. I was just wondering were Club ices is? Ms.?? he asked with a smile.

?Oh Ok my name is Shonte?, Shonte? Thomas. Uhh me and my girls are headed that way now, would you just like to ride with us and we will do it from there?? I said looking at him. My eyes traveled down from his broad shoulders, to his juncture in between his thighs. I felt my breath get caught In my chest. I looked up and our eyes locked.
?That would be ok, that is if Mr. Thomas doesn?t mind.? he said causing me to laugh.
?umm no Mr. Thomas here unless you are talking about my father or my little brother.? I said looking at him Longley.
?Oh ok I?m so sorry.? he said laughing with me.
?would you like to come in and have a seat in the living room.? I asked opening the door wider for him. He accepted and walked pass me but grabbed the small of my back gently. I almost fainted in his arms. I walked him into the living room to see Nasheya sitting drinking a martini.

?Ms. Shonte? uhh who is this fine brother sitting in your living room.? she asked not paying attention to Melvin.
?Excuse her. Melvin this is Nasheya, Ms. Rude ass this is Melvin.? I said introducing them.
?Hello ms. Nasheya.? Melvin said looking at her.
?Hi, ok were did you find him at?? she asked looking at me. While I sat next to him on the couch.

?he just moved in next door, but he didn?t know were club ices is at so I thought that I could just bring him with us.? I said looking at him for the corner of my eye.

?Ok then, so What do you do for a living?? she asked looking at the both of us.
?I work for a law firm down town.? he said looking at me. I leaned back on the couch a little.
?Ok then, is there a Mrs. Or any kids?? she asked making sure of anything.
?There is not a Mrs., I have 2 kids one is 3 and the other is 1 months a boy and a girl.? he said truthfully.
?What happened to there mother? Hold on do you have a girlfriend or any of that sort.? she asked looking at me.
?Bad break-up about a month 4 months ago. She didn?t know if the baby was mine or not since she had been messing around with my best friend on the side. I don?t have a girlfriend, or anything just single as hell.? he said looking at me. ? so what about you Shonte??? he asked
?Work at the Donald trump building right next to your law firm building downtown, Single and loving it, no kids, and just enjoying life. What are you kids names?? I said looking at him. His dimples appeared.
?That?s whats up, the boy is Hajile he is 3, and the girl is Arianna and she is 2 months. So you telling me nobody has scoped you up yet.? he said looking into my eyes.
?That is some cute names, no, no one has scoped me up yet. So do you and your baby momma get along?? I asked looking at him
?I mean yeah we do, we just never talk about getting back together.? he said catching my attention.
I heard the doorbell ring that meant that Ronetta was finally here. I was about to get up and get it but Nasheya pushed me back down on top of Melvin. I felt him grab my hips. Things were going through my body that was unexplainable; my body was doing things that I wasn?t in control of. Things in certain places were fluttering. I really liked Melvin I was just afraid that he would break my heart like every other dude. I introduced Ronetta to Melvin and she was wondering the same thing. By the time we arrived to the club it was packed as hell, I danced with Melvin all night long. My girls told me that they found some dudes for a late night cap like always. Me and Melvin left the club at 3 in the morning. We both have work in the morning. We hopped in the truck as soon as I started up the truck he planted small kisses on my neck. I shuddered when he did that. I wanted him badly but I didn?t know how he would react to me being practically a virgin. I put on my seatbelt and he did also. The only thing that was filling the truck was the music from the radio, they started to play my song Get you wet by plies and Pleasure P. I stopped at a red light and looked at him. He must have been starring at me the whole time I?ve been driving. I didn?t realize that his hand was on my thigh. I leaned in and captured his lips with mine, they were softer than what I thought. It felt like I knew him my whole life, he was the thing that was missing in my life. I felt him nibble on my bottom lip, our tongues started to touch and I did a slight smile against his lips. I let go of him, and I was breathing heavy. He slipped his hand into my underwear, and played with my clit. I let out a small moan. I didn?t want him to stop but then I did. I started to drive, his lips traveled to my jaw and then the back of my ear. I was moaning hard, I wanted to have sex with him so badly but I couldn?t do it. We knew everything about each other its just that I didn?t know how he would react to a lot of things. I felt him enter a finger inside of me and I moaned deeper, I pulled up into my drive way and parked the truck. I felt everything on me at attention, he eased his finger out of me. I turned and looked at him. I climbed on top of him he unzipped his pants, pulled up my dress, then moved my panties out the way and entered me, I let out a loud shriek of pain and pleasure. It had been 9 long years of no sex. He was bigger than what I had thought. It was only half of him, I lowered myself on to him while he held my hips. He had already hit my spot with out doing anything. I grabbed the head rest as I eased onto him. He slowly let his seat back, I felt him grip my butt, I started to move on top and let out a strong moans. He started to guide me. 10 seconds later he picked up the pace, with every thrust I was letting out moans. I was moaning and breathing heavy in his ear. He was starting to nibble and suck on my earlobe and neck. I soon felt his tongue ring that he had on my earlobe. I felt myself tighten around him, I was starting to scream into his ear. I felt a tear drop come out my eye and my body shake. I finally had my first orgasm. I stopped and looked at him. He smiled at me, I couldn?t help but kiss him. He started to thrust into me again, I was starting to loose myself. I needed to get myself together.
?Stop for a moment.? I whispered in his ear. He stopped what he was doing. I kissed him on last time. Grabbed my keys and my clutch and climbed off top of him. I walked into the rain with him right behind me. We started to kiss in the rain, it seemed like nothing at this moment could break what we had. He gripped my lower back and then my butt. He picked me up and my legs rested on his hips. He grabbed my keys and opened my front door. He put me down when we arrived at the front of the steps. My hair was wet and so everything else including him. I lead him up the steps and into the master bed room. I walked into the bathroom and left him in the bedroom. I started to take off my heels and threw them in my closet, I took off my dress, and panties and put my hair up in a ponytail, there was a knock at the bathroom door. I opened the door, and stood a naked Melvin, I was naked too. His member in between his legs stood at attention along with my nipples. I turned around and walked to the tub and turned on the taps. I felt him grab my hips and led me to the sink, he bent me over and entered me from behind. He let out a strong moan from behind me. He started to pump into me, I looked in the mirror at us. My facial expressions could not explain what heat that I felt from him. The only thing that was going through my mind was how in the hell am I getting up in the morning. It felt like he was about to exploded inside me and he did that. We both feel onto the sink. With him inside of me, I really didn?t want to let him go tonight. I walked over and turned off the water taps. I entered the tub and he did also. We talked and laughed about things in our past. He talked about his kids and I listened. His kids seems cute and loving I just wonder how they would proclaim to me. About a couple hours later we finally got out the tube and he went home. I sat in the bed thinking about what I had just did with him and I just met him. It felt like I knew him for years at a time we just never met up. I heard my alarm clock go off on the side of my bed. I got up. Really not wanting to, but hey gots to make my money one way or another. I felt like a refreshed women than someone extra dull. I smelled his cologne on my sheets from last night when he laid me to bed. He made me smile at 6 in the morning. I climbed out the bed and into the shower. I climbed out the shower and put on my robe, and did my hair and make up then went into my closet to grab my skirt suit and my black and white heels.
That I had just bought from H&M a couple of days before.
I climbed down the steps to the kitchen with my brief case and cell phone in my hands. I went inside the kitchen and seen Melvin cooking. I smiled at him, he didn?t notice that I was behind him. I walked up and hugged him from behind.

?good morning baby.? he said turning around and kissing me.
?good morning. So what is going on this morning.? I said looking at him. I heard a child in the den.
?I brought over the kids so they could meet you. ? I turned around and seen a baby laying on the floor playing with some type of thing hanging over her head. I walked over towards her and smiled, she looked just like Melvin with the dimples and the eyes. Her skin tone was completely different from his she was much lighter. She looked at me and started to coo. I picked her up and she held on to my suit jacket. I put her on my shoulder she started to whimper, I laid her in my arms and she just stared at me.
?She is so cute. Now where is Mr. Hajile?? I said looking around. Melvin handed me her bottle. I sat down in a chair in the living room and started to feed her. Her eyes were starting to close, she was ready to go to sleep in my arms. I put her down in her crib that was in the living room. She started to wail as soon as I put her down.
?What?s wrong Arianna?? I asked looking at her. I started to sing to her and she started to be quiet and go back to sleep. I picked her back up and rocked her.
?You a natural.? Melvin said laughing at me.
?What ever that is what happens when you are the 2nd oldest and your mother wants to give birth to twins? I said kissing her forehead. I put her pacifier in her mouth. I sat at the kitchen table with her still in my arms. I heard little foot steps run up the den steps and into the kitchen. I looked up from Arianna and seen Hajile looking at me.
?Well for you that?s crazy.? he said pecking me on the lips. I kissed him back.
?Good morning Mr. Hajile.? I said looking his way. Melvin picked him up and kissed his forehead. He was dressed in all Roca wear with a pair of all white high top forces.
?Morning Ms. Shonte? he said walking over to me and hugging me. I hugged him back.
?You can just call me Tayze.? I said laughing. I got up and put Arianna back in her crib. We all sat and ate breakfast. I looked at the time and seen that is was almost 8 and I had to be at work at 8:30 or 9. I kissed Hajile?s head and kissed Arianna?s head also. I walked over to Melvin and gave him a big kiss and a hug.
?Thanks for last night.? I said whispering in his ear.
?What did I do for the thanks.? he said looking at me.
?Trust I haven?t had sex in 9 years and you showed me what it was like.? I said kissing him again. I felt him grab my butt, I heard the doorbell rang and Arianna started to cry again. I knew it had to be Ronetta since we leave with each other every morning.
?I?ll get the door.? He said as I picked up Arianna.
?Damn girl I see you couldn?t wait to get his ass home I see that now.? Ronetta yelled as soon as she hit the door. I started to rock Arianna to put her back to sleep.
?What you mean by that?? I said putting her pacifier in her mouth. Ronetta looked at me like I had just lost my damn mind. I mean last night I was single and loving it now when I wake up I?m mommy to be.
?Well for one you got a baby in your arms and two what the hell do you know you late for work.? She said looking at Arianna. She finally went to sleep. I put her back down and walked over to Melvin pecked him on the lips and said good bye. I walked out the door with Ronetta. I was close to bitch slapping her, but I knew that would be wrong as hell. I jumped in my Lexis and she hopped in the passenger side. I started up the car not wanting to talk about me and Melvin?s relationship.
?What the fuck, last night yo ass was single as hell now when I wake up in the damn morning and come over here yo ass is super mommy. Look here I need a damn explanation.? She said looking at me. I kept driving.
?HELLO EARTH TO SHONTE!? she screamed at me. It was too damn early for all of this damn screaming and shit. Her ass needs to calm the fuck down shit.
?What the fuck do you want Ronetta.? I said screaming at her.
?I want a damn explanation. When did yo ass become super mommy and shit like that.? She asked as I stopped at a red light.
?For one my ass has been super mommy since fucking high school with yo ass. Second he made me feel like a person again unlike some asses around here that yall call men. Third of all ok wow he got kids you acting like that aint normal for men out here these days especially black men and fourth me and him are dating it feels like we know each other for a long ass time so yo ass needs to calm, the fuck down shit. Now how was your damn night cap.? I said half way yelling at her. She just sat there and didn?t say anything. See now she was pissin me off. We arrived at our job. I needed a damn cup of coffee or something shit my nerves are wired. We climbed the elevator I pressed the 11th floor she pressed the 15th. I got off at my floor I knew I had work to do for hours at a time this was going to be one crazy ass day and it just begun. As soon as I walked through my door I saw a hell of a lot of paper work on my desk.
I took me a good 4 hours to do all of the paper work that was on my desk. Not less than 30 min. later my secretary calls me.

?Ms. Thomas you have a young man here to see you.?
?ughh let him in.? I said in a tired voice. I was not in the mood for any clients at 12:30 in the damn after-noon my ass was just trying to get out of here and go home and go back to sleep were I was this morning before the damn alarm clock started to go off.
?Ok then Ms. Thomas and Mr. Trump said that he would be in you office at 2:30 this after-noon for a meeting. I believe that is all for you agenda.? She said politely into the phone.
?Thank you. Sherry? I said with a smile.
?You welcome.? She said hanging up.
I put my head on my desk wanting either sleep or food. Maybe both hell. It was my lunch time and I had a damn client what the hell was certain people thinking don?t they know people has a damn lunch time. I heard a knock on my door.
? Come in.? I said standing up from my desk and over to my couch in my office.
?So is it ok for me to come in.?
?Depends if you?re a client or just a friend.? I said leaning back on the couch. I thighs were acing from the night before and this head ace wasn?t doing anything for me either.
?What if I?m your man??
?Then your welcome at anytime.? I said rising from the couch to see who it actually was. I walked over to my door and seen Melvin in a suit and his dreads down. He walked over to me and embraced me in a hug and a quick peck on the lips. He was even sexier than from last night. I prayed to god that he didn?t want a after-noon cap.
?Is that so, can we go to lunch or do you still have work?? he asked looking at me. My desk still had some paper work on it but it wasn?t nothing major.
?umm no not really, just a file or two. I can get that done before Mr. Trump comes to my office for a small meeting.? I said walking over to sit down on my couch. My feet and everything else has been hurting like hell ever since I came to work. I grabbed my purse and my cell phone and we walked out of my office laughing and talking. We walked onto the elevator with no one else on it. I stood in front of him. I could feel his breath on the back of my neck. I leaned in to him and his arms clasped around my waist. He planted small kisses on the back of my neck. The elevator doors opened at the lower level and I seen Ronetta. She looked at Me and Melvin and rolled her eyes. I was wondering what the hell had gotten into her for the past day or even night.
?Isn?t that your girl?? he asked me as we walked past her.
?Yeah, but she has been down my throat ever since I met you last night and this morning. I really don?t know what her problem is right now but I will figure it out later on.? I said as we walked out the building. We decided to eat at Loni?s, its something like St.Louis bread co. but only in ATL.
We ordered and took it to go. We walked and talked till we got to a park. We sat and ate, he was so cute I couldn?t help myself at times.
?So what are you doing after work?? he asked me, whipping something off his mouth.
?What I do every day, go home do some more paper work and go to bed. One thing I need to see.? I said wondering what he had up his sleeve.
?Come on now, that is what you do everyday after work.? He asked looking at me.
?I mean yeah, what else is there to do. Tuesday I have to meet up with some co-workers at some restaurant, then Wednesday I think its time to go shopping, then Thursday I have an appointment, Friday its time to stay at home Off day.? I said looking out in the open.
?How about tonight instead of staying at home by yourself, I will meet you at you house after work we can sit and chill then go to a get together I want you to meet some people of mine.? He said looking at his watch.
?That sounds fine. But who is this special person?? I asked pulling out my phone. I had a text message from Ronetta. It had said

From: Netta (647)569-9863
I see you are still talking to Mr. Melvin but any ways, are you still going to the meeting tomorrow?

I decided not to answer back I know she would come to my office sooner or later about it.
?You will just have to see, trust I think you will like them.? He said getting up with me. We threw away our stuff and walked back to my building.
?I really don?t like surprises. They kinda scare me cause I might get my hopes up high.? I said as we boarded the elevator I pressed my floor.
?Well maybe you won?t get you hopes up high if you know what is coming. Just relax and enjoy the rest of your day.? He said as we shared a kiss. It wasn?t like the others it was soft and gentle. I heard the elevator doors open. I took his hand and lead his to my office . I looked over towards my secretary, she thought I had gone crazy. He gripped my hips as I walked into my office. I sat my purse and cell phone down and leaned on the edge of my desk. I had a question that was burning me since the day I met him.
?What high school did you go to?? I asked a him, as he walked over towards me.
?Roosevelt, why whats up?? he asked as soon as were face to face.
?What year did you graduate?? I asked him
?2001? he said with a questionable look on his face.
?Did you know a Scary Shonte back in high school.? I asked as he started to rub on my leg.
?Yeah I did, she as the dork of the school. She would always stick to school work and nothing more. I knew her brother Carter.? He said wondering were I was going with this.
?So I was the dork of the school. Yeah I knew you knew my twin Carter. You were his best friend before you tried to go with Ronetta.? I said turning away from him.
?Wow, you the Shonte from?..the glasses, braces and no ass and no tittes Shonte.? He said. I sat in a chair.
?Yeah that?s me, so tell me how you didn?t know it was me back from high school.? I said getting up and bending over to grab a folder that had been knocked over. I felt him slap my ass.
?I just didn?t you look totally different without all the heavy clothes on, with the pony tail and glasses. I mean I seen the pictures of you and Carter in your crib I just never thought about putting you two together.? He said behind me. I got up and faced him. I gave him the deepest kiss of his life. I let him go, while he was breathing heavy. I knew he was wanting me but I couldn?t let him have me, not this week anyways. We went on talking about what had happened back in high school and why Ronetta hated him so much. He sat down on the couch right next to me I couldn?t help myself I didn?t give a damn how bad my legs had felt. I climbed on top of him, and he started to kiss my neck. He started to unbutton my shirt jacket to my suit. Once he got the last button my breast fell out. He pulled both of them out of my bra and started to suck on them. I felt his hard member poke my underwear from up under my shirt. He was starting to make me wet. I unbuckled his belt, and then undid his button and zipper. I moved my panties out the way and entered him into me. I didn?t want to scream, out of how good this felt. I ran my fingers through his dreads as he started to nibble on my nipples. I became submissive to him, right then and there. He laid me down on my couch and started to fuck me with one leg on his shoulder. I swear this was like the 3rd time we didn?t have a condom and it felt better than anything ever. He went deeper and I was ready to scream. I gripped the back of his shirt. He must of knew by my body language that he had hit my spot. He put his ear by my mouth.
?That?s my spot.? I said almost out of breath.
? I know, that?s why I?m beating it.? he said kissing me deeply.
?I don?t want you to stop unless you get tired.? I said breathing heavy in his ear.
?Then I won?t until its closing time.? He started to hit it harder than what I thought that he would. I grabbed the arm rest that was behind me to hold onto. I was close to my climax.
?MELVIN!?I said screaming at the top of my lungs. He put his hand over my mouth so I couldn?t say anymore. I felt my body shake and me regain my breath well sort of. He got off top of me and I straddled back on to his lap and entered him again not wanting to let him go. I put my arms around his neck and started to grind on top of him. I felt his hands grip my ass, he was driving my hormones and me crazy. I felt his hips go in circular motion and my hips started to follow, he picked up the pace and started to suck on my neck. I was moaning in his ear, and he was starting to love it. I felt him finally give out, I slipped off top of him while he fixed his clothes. I went into my bathroom that I have in my office and cleaned myself and he did also. I cleaned up the couch and opened my windows and lit a couple of candles to get the sex smell out. He looked at the clock and said that it was time for him to leave.

?bye baby. Call you t0night?? he asked as I got up to see him out.
?bye, yeah you can do that? I said kissing him. I heard someone knock on my door. I opened it and it was Ronetta staring at the both of us. She looked at him then me, I knew what she was thinking. I didn?t reply back to her text message so I think both of us could imagine what is going through her mind right now. I decided to break the silence.
?Hey Netta, umm call me when you get off work.? I said kissing Melvin and gave him a hug.

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