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The Comeback Kids279 weeks ago
Right so. What a night. Fuckin hell.

Last night (19-03-08) we played a gig - our first since August 2006. Well... we also played at Rob's birthday and my 21st but they don't count. Last night was also the first time that we had played "our" gig. It had always been us partcipating in Battle of the Bands, supporting other bands etc so it was a special occasion for us last night.

La Poderosa ( ) were up first. I hadn't seen them play in ages. It was fuckin brilliant. Mushrooms of Doom was absolutely amazing. Bazuki were up next ( ). I realise during their set that George could very easily front a death metal band with his voice. Nice set, liked the cover of that song.... you know, the one off that ad.... the one that goes "cos we. are. you firends"... I dont know the name of it.

We were up next. Our set list was:

Hype, Stimulants and Stars
Piracy Romantic
Void the Radio
Trade In Your Boots (Cover)
Skitz! Skitz! Skitz!
Dance Dance Dummy
Mundane Catastrophe
A Hollow Head Show

Trade In Your Boots, for those of you who don't know, is a song by our good friend Dermot. We recommend you have a listen to it on his site ( ). We did a punked up version, sort of like what Me First and The Gimme Gimmes would do.At the end of the gig, Derm joined us onstage for another go of it with him singing! Good stuff.

Thanks to everyone that came up from Newbridge. All of you that sang lyrics back at us and moshed and danced and clapped and did the "oooh ooh ooohhh" for Dance Dance Dummy are complete fucking legends.

On a final note, due to me completely cocking up the minibus ride home, Mark, Dan and Mike were forced to make alternate arrangements with Meg. I am really sorry to you all for what happened. It will never happen again. Cos I'm never going to try organise a bus again!!!

No idea when we'll play again. Maybe another year and a half :)

Thanks again to La Poderosa, Bazuki, Jean-Claude the soundman and everyone that came to see us.

We love you all.

~ Darren
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