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"*x Scottish lass in MANCHESTER x*"

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!x!....bebo family....!x! 361 weeks ago
leave a comment on ths thng n tel me wher u wana go lol!!

My Mum = JOAN
My Dad = RICKY
My Daughter =
My Son =
My Twin=
My Best m8= WILL
My Big Sista = VICKY LOL
My Lil Sister =
My Big Bruva =
My Lil Bruva =
My Boy friend = CLARKE
My Guardian Angel = CLARKE
My Baby Gurl =
My Idol =
My Babe =
My Alki friend =
My Sexy Boy =
My Secret Admirer =
My Bad boy =
My pimp =
My Babies God parents =
My Sexy -Hott- Gorjuz Footballer =
My Manager =
My PA =
My Hairdresser =
My Dirty Dancer = Steph
My Bit On The Side =
My Body guard =
My Rudeboy =
My Partner In Crime = Steph
My party animal=
My all b there 4 u friend=

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William Parkinson said...8/27/06
my best m8
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Clarke Nichol said...8/27/06
boyfriend gaurdian angel
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Steph ™ said...9/11/06
partner in crime or dirty dancer loL! xx
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Kimber Pope said...1/31/07
ooh! can i be your bodyguard or something funny like that?
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