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me,myself and i298 weeks ago
Hometown--->: togher
Birthplace--->: cork
Height--->: 6 foot 4
Eye Color--->: blue
Hair Color--->:B rown
Shoe Size--->: 10
Blood Type--->: dont have a clue
Schools--->: togher nd spioraid naoimh
Nickname--->: tobin,fabrizio,huge fcuker
D0 Y0U HAVE...
Siblings?--->: 1 bro and 1 girraffe
Pets?--->: poodle,girraffe nd cats unfortunately
An i pod?--->: i do indeed
Tattoos?--->: nope
Piercings?--->: n�l
Color?--->: blue
Type of Music?---> nytin cept cheese
Drink?--->:schwip schwap,coke nd lucozade
Store?--->:champions,lifestyle,river island,topman
Love Song?--->:journey-dont stop believing
TV Show?--->: im a freak i dnt really watch tele
Movie?--->: 2 many 2 name
Pepsi or Coke?--->: Coke
McDonalds or Burger King?--->: der both horrible
Boxers or Briefs?--->: Boxers
Books or Movies?--->: movies
Rain or Sun?--->: d sun
Eggs or Pancakes?--->: mmmmmm tough 1
Eyes or Smile?-->: my version of eyes
Ass or Abs?--->: ass obvisouly
Stay in or Go out?--->: go out
Rap or R&B?--->: R'n'B
Truth or Dare?--->: dare
Long or Short Hair?--->:gota hav d hair short
Be a PLAYA or Commit?--->: commit
Florida or Cali?--->: rome
Abercrombie or Hollister?--->:neva heard of hollister
Drinking or Smoking?--->: Drinking
Summer or Winter?--->: winter
Funniest?--->:... der all kul
Best Looking?--->: has 2 b murray...he luvs himself
Newest?--->: quinn lil immigrant
Shyest?: dnt no really
Loudest?:let me think.........ERIC
MOSt honest?--->: der all snakey basterds...nah nly messin dnt no
Smartest?--->: steve id say
Stupidest?--->: murray wen it comes 2 common sense
Diziest?--->: quinn????
Most Considerate?--->: dean???????????
Most laid bck?--->: mmmmmmmmmm??????
Fakest?--->: der all real
Best Dresser?--->: since i am a fashion icon id say myself haha
Best Dancer?--->: teddy b brrrraaaaaappppppin 2 d chooones
Best Singer?--->: quinn wata voice
A Love-a-holic?--->: wer all gay
Most Original?--->: once again i am a fashion icon
Most likely to be rich?--->: murray hes gona b 1 of dose fat,bald business men wen hes older
Been out of the country?--->: aye
Stolen?--->: wen i was smaller dan i am now
Been Drunk?--->: yes
Been High?--->: nope
Been in Love?--->: yup
Said i love you: nt 2 der face nyways
Been Used?--->: dont really no
Been Betrayed?--->: dnt think so
Had Your Heart Broken?--->: mmmmm kinda
First Love?--->no names haha
Do You Wanna Get Married?--->: i do
Do You Trust Yourself to Fall in Love?--->: yes
Most Important Quality in a bf/gf?--->: personality mainly but dey cnt luk like a jack russell either
Last Song you listened to?--->:d fugees-no woman no cry
D0 Y0U BELiEVE iN...
God?--->: dnt really no
Satan?--->: ?????
Heaven?--->: dnt no
Hell?--->: ?????
Love at first sight?--->:yes olga and d black milf in spain
Soul Mates?--->: yup
Luck?--->: ya without a doubt
I am...: tired
I want...: to go 2 bed
I miss...: spain
I want to go...: italia nd munich again
So many people dont know that...i visited d deep,dark black sea
My Heart good condition unlike teddys
I wish...: i cud fly
Which Is Better With The Opposite Sex?
Hair color: nytin 1nce der nt foxy
Tall or Short: its fairly hard 2 get smaller dan me
Eye color: 1nce again 1nce der nt foxy
Measurments: 14 incher
Cute or Sexy: bita both
Lips or Eyes: my version of eyes again
Short or Tall: short
Easygoing or serious: mstly easy going but can b serious wen u hav 2 b
Romantic or Spontaneous: bita both
Fatty or Skinny: normal
Sensitive or Loud: bita both again
Hook-up or Relationship: depends
Sweet or Caring: both
Trouble Maker or Hesitant One: meh both

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David Murray said...5/18/08
fat bald businessmen???:o
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