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My Parents Attitude to my future 233 weeks ago
I know now why it is i'm such a loner and why I don't share my ideas with people

because everyone i don't know i see them like my parents

with the attitude of either you don't want a job or its pointless getting a job

before my dad said you don't want to work.

Now its if u do get a work placement as soon as you get it they will make excuses to not keep you on and then the next job you go to the job center for could be anything from cleaning the streets to working in Asda stacking shelves.

My Statement to my Parents "Oh Ye of Little faith".

I always considered my parents LOOSERS.

this from the man who worked n the buses to working in a Taxi thinking that he could work for himself and doing well at it as his friend Matt had did well at it he thought he could do the same.

Now it seems that well he is starting to see that the reality is not as good as the so called Dream.

As his hopes are now dashed he wants to pass that negative situation onto me.

Well i''m a lot more determined than that.
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Jinxx . said...2/7/09
never give up, thats the spirit
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Paul T said...2/7/09
True. to many people whine about their lives. Not enough people strive for a better future.

Good luck ;-)
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