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"We Are The Nobodies Wanna Be Somebodies When We're Dead They'll Know Just Who We Are"

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Of rants and fluffy bunnies203 weeks ago
OMG people are idiots. I swear if I get one more comment anywhere telling me I'm a loser because my layout or display picture is anime I'm going to fucking kill! The human race in general tends to be quite moronic idiots walking around with there pants around there knees and stuff like that. God that annoys me pants were created to cover your postierier end not to make a fancy display frame for your underwear! And then we've got the people walking around with their hats on sideways 'bling' and using the word fuck every third word those people make me sick. People like that should be taken out and shot one bullet a person that's all it would take to end this idocy! There are so many people who think they are the greatest things on the planet well news for them they aren't!! Xellos: Why so negative Gwynie-san? Me: AUGGGGGH XELLOS DON'T CALL ME THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Xellos: But it suits you so well Gwyni...Me: *hits Xellos with a box of eggos* Gourry: EGGOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *reaches for eggos* me: *pulls out chinese fighting eggo* no Gourry my eggos!!! Zel: what are you guys screaming about? Gourry: she won't share her eggos Me: They're my eggos MINE!!! Amelia: Miss Gwyn it's not nice to be greedy the just thing to do would be to give Mr. Gourry some eggos. Me: NONONO NO JUSTICE AUGGGGGGGGGGGGGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 !! Lina: did someone mention food? Gourry: Yes eggos!!! Me: no Gourry MY eggos!!!!!!!!!!!! Amelia: My almighty hammer of justice will smash your greedy villanousness!! Me: Yeah well my bulldozer of unjustification will pull out your voice box and make a christmas tree ornament out of it!!! Zel: *sweatdrop* I shouldn't have asked you all are so childish Me: Not true!! the only childish one is Xel...WHERE'D HE GO!!!!!! Gourry: I didn't know Xellos was here Me: yeah he came back from Ginny's head an hour ago...and now I have no idea where he is crap crap crap *spazzes out* Lina: I don't see why your so worried Me: NOT WORRIED NOT WORRIED TERRIFIED!!! that purple freak is running about somewhere doing god knows whatto god knows who!! ok god probably doesn't want to know but I won't be able to finish my rant with that fruitcake running about unsupervized!! Zel: I'm just going to get my coffee and go back upstairs you can enjoy your childish games Lina: that's not good *sweatdrops* me: what's not good what'd I miss? Lina: The coffee Me: OH SHIT OH SHIT OH SHIT!!! TO THE KITCHEN!!! Amelia: Mr. Xellos knows he's not supposed to drink the coffee I don't think the rightousness of his heart will let him disobey that. Me: OMG SHUT UP XELLOS HAS NO HEART LET ALONE A RIGHTOUS ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *shouts* Zel please tell me the coffee pots still full!! Lina: He's not saying anything not a good sign Zel: it's empty but he's in here Me: OMG ZEL RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!! *enters kitchen* AUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG
 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG OMG KILL IT KILL IT XELLOS GET OFF OF HIM OMG ZEL AT LEAST SCREAM RAPE OR SOMETHING!!!! Gourry: what's going on?? Me: Xellos is doing inapropriate things to Zel! I think I'm gonna be sick!!! Amelia: Mr.Xellos it's unjust to touch Mr.Zelgadis if he doesn't want to be touched Me: What happened to 'rightous heart' and fondled is the right word FONDLED!! Zel: Get off me fruitcake I'm in no mood for this Me: Zel sounds like a grumpy old man but Xellos get off of him!! Xellos: Awwh but why Gwynie-san Zelly doesn't seeem to be minding all that much! Lina: I'm going back to bed I don't think I can look at that anymore Me: HE IS SO NOT ENJOYING IT!!!!! right Zel? Zel: *Hits Xellos* No I am not Xellos: *grins gayly* oh but Zelly I'm not that bad me: Zel don't hit him he likes that!!!!!!! XELLOS YOU ARE THAT BAD AND WORSE!!! *grabs Xellos by the ears* ok get away from Zelchan go touch yourself or somethin!! Zel: Don't give him any ideas I'm leaving now Xellos: awwh don't leave Zelly please let go of my ears gwynie-san Me: ooooooook thats it it's...KISSY BUBBLE DANCE TIME!!! Zel: *anime falls over* what? Me: As in we dance and sing about butterflys and sunshine and fluffy bunnys and dance!!! Xellos: No anything but fluffy bunnies! *looks horrified* Me: LIFE WITH FLUFFY BUNNIES IS WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WONDERFUL FLUFFY BUNNIES ARE GREAT!!! Gourry: I don't know whats going on but I'm going back to bed goodnight. Zel: Night Gourry I agree I'm out of here Me: THE BUNNIES ARE FLUFFY AND CUDDLY AND GREAT!! OOOOH FLUFFY BUNNIES HOPING THROUGH THE FLOWERS!!!!!!! Xellos: stop pleas estop I beg you!! *is cowering in a corner* Me: FLUFfY AND SOFT AND HAPPY AND BUNNIESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
 SS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Xellos: goodnight Gwynie-san *phases out* Me: Yes it worked I located Xellos and now I an finish my rant!! oooook where was I...oh yeas people deserving to be shot. The idiots who tease people just because they feel insecure about themselves are pretty much the worst kind those people I would gladly skin alive inch by inch and make them eat themselves!! I shall quarintine an entire island and ship all the worlds morons there!! yes all people will be tested within five years of their birth and if they fall bellow the intelligance quota they shall be casterated and shipped of to this islan!!! the island shall be names FOLUA!!! (Fuck Off and Leave Us Alone) YES THIS PLAN IS BRILLIANT!! the casterating part just so they can't reproduce...and the island shall be constantly gaurded from land sea and one can leave!!! sigh wouldn't the world be a better place if we didn't have to deal with the everyday idiots that make us want to sit in our houses afraid to leave for fear of killing the idiot in line in front of you at wallmart with his pants around his knees! God must have been seriously bored when he created the human race theres really no other explanation for the so called allmighty to create such a degenerate rae with a superiority complex! We are just gods TV show yes think of it that way if there is a god he's sittin up there with a beer in one hand and sports illustrated in the other watching us and laughing his ass off!!!!
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Emoboy said...8/27/09
What the fuck are you talking about in the middle
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