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RG Rap Redone!!!!272 weeks ago
The names RG and I strike a dangerous pose
I cant remember the last time I wore any of my own clothes
walking down the street with a big man strutter
dont you step on my toes or ill put you in the gutter

With my posse down in Glasgow, causing A- bit of a fiasco
we step in-to the snaffle, lots of locals looking baffled
try to sit at the table, but I fall as Im unstable
miss the chair,it's unfair Paul Macaskil doesn't care

On the floor, wanting more so the bartender does pour
another drink, I cant think, oh my armpits they do stink
of culun-skink, to the sink, I make my exit with style
Im RG and Im free so I dont walk in single file

Theres the man in control, he got soul, he's ma partner in crime
when the beats come flying we be toe-tapping in time
side by side and together we will always endeavour
up all night, till it's light, what a sight, full of might

My other partner in crime, his name is Paulo Rodrigueze
dont you bother young lady's your not even in the same league as (run it together)

Paula the man, catch him if you can
he's like a little lamb, driving a tram

So back from the mens smelling pretty damn fresh
I Spot my main man Tom and he's up for the sesh
he attempts to sit down over next to our table
but his corsets on to tight so he's completely unable

A niggling, wriggling giggling urge
erupts from my belly, toms nipples emerge
popping up from his corset as back down he tries to force it (pause)
goes to coca-cola and tries to endorse it

Staggers out from the boardroom with a meloncholy frown
said they wouldn't sponsor his nipple so he feels quite the clown
He muses to himself how unbelievably unfair
how they said to him to come back next week when youv grown some hair

If harsh interpretations you have gathered as the case
you are gravely mistaken you have to meet us face to face
But be warned, youll be scorned if you cant take the pace
we'll leave you sleeping in the snaffle like a total disgrace

I like to rhyme about the party time
get me a vodka mixer n lime - (backing rapping guys)
Living for more than the weekend time
Tell me if thats a valid crime - (backing rappers)

Coming to the end of my RG rap
next time your out gima shoulder a tap
(pause) even though ill stop my song,
the Spirit of the sesh goes on and on!

 posted by Ruairidh Graham 

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Steven Morrison said...5/15/08
sheer briliance!
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