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Bebo Family129 weeks ago
Demi Lovato is my best friend
____ is my lover boy
Sammy is my lover girl
David is my cheesecake buddy
David is my bestie for life
____is my msn bf
I have a crush on Joe Jonas
I love Demi Lovato
I adore Garbo

comment yourself here & tell me who you want to be or who you are xxx
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ºDavid Warren-Offiicialº said...1/31/11
This should read: David is my lover boy - David is my bestie for life :P :L
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Dude. said...2/8/11
i am your best friend and you love me ;D
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º Alessya Official Page said...2/8/11
Okay bbe i.ll modify it when i go on a pc:DD yay i love u too
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Garbo said...2/22/11
I adore? :D
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ºDavid Warren-Offiicialº said...3/11/11
I will always be your cheesecake buddy Pucca Squidward Sugarlips :P :L
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Sammy Harvell. said...3/11/11
sammy is my lover girl, please. :} love you.
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