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the two most contestents who i loved!!192 weeks ago


Even though they gone, i still love them and i'm still keeping this page, and for all them fuckup loosers, calling them names your all just jelous them!! Only cause they got far and you's will never get as far as they gott. Least they have the guts & you don't. Ano for afact they will be higher than the winner and higher than anyone is that xfactor house, i'm telling you now. It's not the end for you guys! I just can't wait till i see you at the xfactor tour :) It will be amazing. And i can't wait till i meet you, well i hope ii do! (yn) Love you guys! And ino for a fact the profile views will go down BiG! and it wont be the same with out you's. Dannii should of put it too the public vote. But it might not ov been diffrent it might of been the same. But ohwell guys i still love you!! Best boy band whats been on the xfactor yet:) Funny entertainin + Great singers! Love you! xoxox

Lucie jones -

i liked lucie since the first audtion i thought she was amazing.. but i thought she shouldnt of gone.. she was like a rolemodle :) and i superstar she shoud not of gone.. lucie will go big and no adout she will :) we love you lucie :D xoxo


stacey or lloyd to go next week!! :)

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ºbuhbye said...11/27/09
yes lucie jones like a rolemodle to me! i wanted her to win ! i couldnt believe she got voted off tbh ! love you lucie <3 x
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