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It all started when the Montreal-couple of seventeen year old, heavy-metal-loving wild child, Marcel Kenyon, knocked up his nineteen year old hippy girlfriend, Suzanne Sauvaterre. Around nine months later, the twins Alice and River Kenyon were born. After a few years of easing into parenthood, the young couple got married in Vegas, and have remained in love and happily married ever since. As a part of a close and slightly untraditional family, the twins grew up well in the large city, better than some had expected considering their parents' ages. They had a close relationship was brother and sister; they rarely argued and seemed to understand each other well, even as children. Alice was the more dominant out of the two, her personality more adventurous and outgoing, while River was more cautious and timid, and tended to take the back seat to his sister. Their ways didn't change much as they got older, but the circumstances around them did. Neither of them were unpopular, they were liked and neither had any enemies. Alice's buzzing charisma and River's awkward charm managed to get earn them both a positive reputation in their area and in their high school. But following a sudden turn of events, the pleasant simplicity of their lives was long gone.

Now, both of the twins are seventeen years old, nearing their eighteenth birthday, and their mentalities and circumstances are completely different. They have gone from being a favorable family in their community, to being one of the most despised families in the Quebec, maybe even the whole of Canada. The situation stemmed from a tragic event that spun into what could be called either an enormous misunderstanding or complete injustice, and the false - well, not entirely false - accusations caused the family to flee their homeland for their own safety. Now, they seek refuge from the dangerous drama and media speculation that surrounded them, to live their lives in peace.

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When River returned from incarceration at the end of the murder trial, he was like a different person to who he had been when his girlfriend was alive. Now an infamous murder suspect, the relentless media attention and speculation regarding his innocence had resulted in his circumstances being far from stable, and he is yet to have the chance to properly grieve for his loss. As his family were unable to cradle him away from the headlines completely, River was very much aware of what the public thought of him, and it only added to his 'survivor's guilt.' He still blames himself for his girlfriend's death and believes he deserves punishment for all that he failed to do, and as he wasn't sentenced due to his innocence, he resorts to other methods of punishment - whether it be refusing to recover, ignoring his bodily needs or rejecting happiness. However, staying miserable is easier said than done, and it battles with his natural yearning for comfort, causing occasional slip-ups. Since returning home, he has shown signs of PTSD, depression, extreme stress, eating and sleep problems, panic attacks, self mutilation, and mood swings from extremely neutral to destructively aggressive, while still trying to recover from his previously sustained injuries. Due to his problems, his family are very protective over him, Alice in particular, but it is difficult for everyone. However, getting through to him and breaking past his walls isn't as difficult as he has lead his family to believe - as the 'old' River is still under there, fighting to get out, he's just holding himself back out of fear that he wouldn't dare to discuss. Generally, River keeps to himself, barely communicating with his family and staying in the confines of his bedroom, where he can be miserable in peace - one part of him wishing to be left alone to suffer while another part desperately craves human contact and help. Which part is the most prominant depends on who he encounters. Due to his past problems with the law, River has to attend anger management classes, counseling, and community service. None of these are remotely helpful to him. River doesn't need to be treated like a ticking bomb or a criminal, even if he is. He needs to accept the past; he needs help to move on and feel good again, and to realise that he's not the bad guy and he doesn't need to punish himself with misery and pain, but because of his desperation to stay miserable, progress is difficult.

River's legal troubles, mental illness and media attention has placed strain on the rest of the family, who struggle to return to their own lives while failing to rebuild his. Both Marcel and Suzanne had to leave their jobs, and were financially aided by Suzanne's brother, while Alice also lost everything that she knew. Her reputation was tarnished alongside River's and she received scrutiny from the media with her parents. She didn't get to finish high school, her friends stopped talking to her, her country turned on her and her freedom was drastically reduced. Now, she's not quite as easy going as she used to be. Alice had always been the type to get along with everyone due to her varied interests, whether it be the cheerleaders or the outcasts. However, she's a lot more selective now. She's secretive when it comes to her family's past, and is very protective over her damaged and fragile twin. She rarely complains, even when she received death threats simply for standing by River's side, or when the family was followed by invasive camera crews and a selection of journalists. Now that the family are free from Canada, Alice is desperate to regain a normal life again. There has been some noticeable changes in her, but not as badly as the noticeable changes in River. Now that she's less influenced by friends and people at school, she dresses more casually and is more out of touch with anything media-related. Her personality is less bubbly and more mysterious, occasionally defensive and sassy, and in some ways, more driven. Since moving, her main company as been her family members. She has a good relationship with both of her parents and quite likes hanging out with her youthfully-minded father. Her bond with River has been more difficult to decifer, but she knows that it's still there. The only people she has kept in contact with in Canada is her uncle Serge and her cousin Amby, whom she also has good relationships with.

Although Marcel Kenyon is now thirty-five, he still shares many of his old traits. He drinks less, parties less, and doesn't experiment with drugs now that he's tried just about all of them, but anyone who has known him throughout the years would say that he hasn't changed at all. Clad with more piercings and tattoos than ever, Marcel isn't seen as being a 'normal dad,' in fact, he's generally seen as being more 'teenager-ish' than River is. It's most likely due to his dirty-minded sense of humour, his amusingly careless behaviour, the volume in which he plays his music, the pot he smokes, the language he uses or the way he dresses. None-the-less, Marcel can be mature and authoritative when he wants to be, and is most certainly a good rather. He is protective over his family and his children, and his rowdy side comes out whenever he's threatened by an outsider. Having had a rough childhood himself and mental problems in the past, Marcel finds it easy to relate to River and can read him better than River would like. However, he finds it difficult to communicate with River due to his complex ways. Suzanne may have toned down on her hippy-style of dress, but she continues to act as other people's peace-keeper. She prides herself on having a good relationship with her children, and can interact with River more than Marcel can due to her motherly, feminine touch. She also keeps in contact more with her family in Canada than Marcel does, while Marcel avoids his family's continuous judgement, Suzanne regularly talks with her brother, Serge and nephew, Ambroise, as well as some of her other family members and old friends.
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Serge's contrasting surname has stopped him from being publicly connected to the Kenyon's, but he has been closely involved with them throughout the majority of his life. He was still rather young when Alice and River were born and spent a lot of time with them growing up, quickly becoming their favorite uncle. When the Kenyon's fell into trouble, Serge helped in supporting them financially and played a crucial role in getting them out of the country and into safety. Now, he was one of the few people in Canada that the family keep in contact with. Serge used the money he made through ski-jumping. Being the baby of the family, he was spoiled by his parents but asked for lessons in ski-jumping above all else. He began casually training in the sport when he was ten years old and competing in children's contests when he was twelve. Now twenty-four, he is a professional ski-jumper, representing Quebec as part of Canada's Ski-Jumping team. He's career has been rather successful, and he's picked up multiple medals in competitions from Scandinavia to Asia. Confidence and competitiveness is necessary in the sport, as his maintaining his physique. His qualities often lead to him being misinterpreted as being self-absorbed and cocky, especially when he's buzzed after a good win. However, Serge is instead rather self-conscious, incredibly caring, hospitable, hard working and loyal. Most wouldn't believe him if he told them that, in high school, he'd been neither popular nor confident, and had dabbled with bulimia until his graduation. Serge's inability to say 'no' to people has also got him into trouble, and on one occasion, he ended up being involved with two girls at once, unable to end either of the relationships. This eventually backfired in his face, as one would expect, and he's been viewed as being a womanizer ever since, even though hasn't dated anyone since the incident.

Amby Sauvaterre has embraced his new-found freedom since moving in with Serge. He generally comes off as being a very carefree character. Amby's personality is nothing short of endearing; the energetic young man seems to be on a naturally continuous high, always laughing about something. He apologizes for the slightest of mistakes and finds a reason to hug people on a regular basis. Some have compared his personality to that of a puppy. While being very intelligent, Amby is also naively trusting and forgiving, with the tendency of becoming very attached to people without much difficulty. The way he is now makes it difficult to forget where he came from; the past he's still trying to escape. Ambroise Pelleteir - as he was once known - grew up in a household dominated by his incredibly controlling father. He is the son of Martin Pelleteir and Stefanie Sauvaterre, is the nephew of Serge Sauvaterre, and is the cousin of River and Alice Kenyon. However, his life at home was so restricted that he spent the majority of his life barely knowing who the Kenyon's were. His father refused to let Amby learn English growing up, only allowing him to speak French and sending him to a French all-boys schools that would distance him from any other culture. He used questionable methods of discipline to keep his family in line - methods that primarily consisted of what could be considered as psychological abuse, while physical abuse was sometimes prevalent. Amby hadn't perceived his father's ways as being abusive for many years, as he was lead to believe that both him and his mother were wrong, and that his father was doing the right thing. However, Marcel Kenyon had different ideas, and after recognising the signs of abuse in Amby, there were multiple conflicts between him and Martin, even though Amby insisted that everything was alright. Martin and Stefanie divorced finally divorced when he was sixteen, and even though his father still tried to hold control over them both, Amby began making up for lost time. He's done his best to learn English, and as a fast learner, he can communicate reasonably well in the language at age twenty-one. However, this didn't prevent him from losing his job, and subsequently, his apartment. While living with Serge, he has been blanking his father's efforts to contact him out of fear. Due to his different last name, he - too - wasn't connected to the Kenyon family publicly, but he sided with the Kenyon family regarding his cousin's innocence.